DenizBank is 25 years old – Business-Life News

‘We came out of the crisis stronger’

DenizBank celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special night. Milestones in DenizBank’s 25-year journey from past to present were shared with the guests at the night where famous names took the stage and more than 1,500 guests were hosted.

The event, attended by the important names of the business, art and sports world, started with the performance of Fazıl Say.

In the night, tenor Mario Frangoulis, Sertab Erener, Karsu and Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra presented a musical feast to the guests.


Hakan Ateş, General Manager of DenizBank, whose views are included in the statement, stated that DenizBank celebrated its 25th anniversary and stepped into its golden age with its 25th anniversary, and that they moved forward with the excitement of creating an institution that their children would like to work for.

Stating that as Denizbank, they are always working for the future, Ateş said, “Of course, like all financial sector employees, we faced numerous crises, both globally and domestically, during this process. We came out stronger from all of them. What we did at these turning points was to keep our ship moving on its course in the middle of the storm. “We succeeded by growing and enriching it without harming it. Our common mind has enabled us to be so resilient to all crises and to survive each of them with very little damage. While doing all this, our starting point was our love for our country. We will continue to work with all our strength for the future of our country with the strength we derive from this love.” used the phrases.

While DenizBank was celebrating its 25th anniversary, a visual prepared by bank employees was also shared frequently on social media. In the image shared with the message “Year 2078 Hakan Ateş is still the general manager”, it was seen that Hakan Ateş continued to manage the bank with an old-fashioned phone while traveling at the speed of light.