Elon Musk’s bot account prediction is wrong

Elon Musk, who canceled the Twitter acquisition deal because of bot accounts, was wrong in what he said.

Elon Musk's bot account prediction is wrong

In the past months, Elon Musk announced that he would buy the social media platform Twitter for $ 44 billion, and Twitter accepted this offer.

Then, Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he had canceled the purchase, claiming that there were too many bots.

Twitter filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk over allegations that Tesla and SpaceX CEO unfairly refused to buy the social network for $44 billion.

Elon Musk’s bot claims turned out to be unfounded

Two firms that Musk hired to analyze Twitter user data reported bot predictions on Twitter.

The firm Cyabra told Musk that it estimates Twitter probably has 11 percent bots or fake accounts.

The other company CounterAction reported that as a result of its analysis, bot and spam accounts were 5.3 percent.

In May, Musk announced on Twitter that fake or spam accounts on the platform could be very high, at more than 20 percent.

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Elon Musk is accused of hiding these results

Twitter’s lawyer says that the results obtained by the companies chosen by Musk are very compatible with Twitter’s claims and hide these results from people.

While speculation continues that there may be an out-of-court settlement between the two parties, it is stated that the case will begin on October 17.