Confession that drove Ebru Polat crazy! The blood of those who hear freezes: “With the husband of the upstairs neighbor…”

Singer Ebru Polat continues to fall on the agenda like a bomb with her social media posts. Ebru Polat, who interacts with her followers on her Instagram account, is one of the most talked about names with the wind of confession she started. Finally, the story is “The biggest craziest thing you’ve ever done?” from the story section of Instagram. The confession to Polat, who asked the question, left their mouths open. That’s all, give up! Look what kind of confession came to Ebru Polat…

Famous singer Ebru Polat, who frequently shares on social media, continues to shock everyone with confessions from her followers. Ebru Polat, who constantly dialogues with her followers on her Instagram account, made her say that she is no more with her last post. “The biggest craziest thing you’ve ever done?” Confessions to the beautiful singer who asked the question froze blood. Such things happened that even Ebru Polat went crazy.

Confessions froze blood

Ebru Polat, who often shares her Instagram account, this time asked her followers, “The biggest craziness you have done?” asked the question. The answers that came were almost as cold as blood.


Ebru Polat, who swallowed her little tongue in the face of the confessions, was officially shocked. Ebru Polat, who received the confession of “I missed the groom at the wedding, but it was half an hour” in a reply, went crazy. He immediately replied, “To the WC. How dare you, good bride, it didn’t tear you apart”.



Another response came as a shock to everyone. In another confession that came, “We’re watching you right now in bed with my upstairs neighbor’s husband, his wife is on vacation. Greetings to you.” The confession froze blood. In response, the famous singer said, “Are you saying hi to me. Girl, you’ve been cheeky. I hope his wife catches you.” she reacted with her words.



Ebru Polat, (birth name Filiz Sarıkaya) was born on 30 June 1983 in İzmir. She studied ballet at a young age. Having met music in the primary school choir, Polat decided to study law by turning his education life into a different field from music. She completed her education at the Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Law in 2005. She served as a lawyer for a while, she. She is doing her master’s degree in the psychology department of Üsküdar University to continue her education career. It is known that Ebru Polat wants to be a specialist psychologist and academic.

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