Attack on the Azerbaijani Embassy in France

Attack on the Azerbaijani Embassy in France

Armenian protesters in France, Azerbaijanattacked the Paris Embassy.

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Paris Rahman Mustafayev announced the attack on the embassy building by sharing his image on his Twitter account.

Mustafayev stated that the French Armenian fanatics attacked the embassy building of Azerbaijan in Paris.

“But let’s put aside the Armenian barbarians.” Mustafayev, who used the expression France By tagging President Emmanuel Macron’s Twitter account, he reacted to France, which “fails to protect its embassies and ignore their legitimate demands for their security”.

Mustafayev pointed out that this situation is a source of shame for France.

In the footage of the incident, they stand in front of the embassy. Armenia A large group of people, including those carrying the flag on their shoulders, is seen.

In the image, 2 people passing by by removing the barricade in front of the building kick what is supposed to be the door of the building and attempt to break the door with the barricade.

In an image shared on the Twitter account of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Paris, it was noteworthy that a person from the embassy chased the protesters who tried to open the door and enter the building with a stick.

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