Ankara was informed that the judicial process of 6 persons who were refused extradition to Turkey would not be discussed again; final decision made

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Finland, which is in the process of joining NATO, rejected Turkey’s request for a re-evaluation of the judicial process regarding the extradition of 6 Turks.

Sonja Varpasuo, a senior expert at the Finnish Ministry of Justice, told the French news agency AFP that Turkey requested them to re-examine 6 previously rejected extradition requests; however, this request was not accepted by the Finnish Ministry of Justice.

“Turkey’s request referred to different charges related to terrorism,” Varpasuo said.

The Ministry reported that Turkey requested a reconsideration of the decision made in August and then applied for extradition again.

Varpasuo stated that the “final decision” regarding the six extradition requests has been made and that Turkey has been informed that a re-evaluation cannot be made.

The senior expert said, “The decisions taken by the Ministry of Justice based on the extradition law cannot be appealed,” and stressed that the process can only be resumed if Turkey submits a completely new report. Varpasuo stated that Turkey has not yet made such a request for any lawsuit.

Turkey; At first, Finland and Sweden opposed the NATO application because they “supported terrorism”, and then, after the decision to cooperate in the trilateral agreement signed in June, Turkey allowed the NATO negotiations to work. AKP Chairperson and President Tayyip Erdo─čan stated that if Finland and Sweden do not meet Turkey’s demands in the fight against terrorism, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey may not give the green light to NATO membership of the two countries.

It was stated that Turkey requested the extradition of 12 suspects from Finland and 21 suspects from Sweden.

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