‘advertising’ decision from YouTube: Users reacted

YouTube will show five ads before the video“The claim was on the agenda on social media.

It has been claimed that YouTube, which shows ads to its users who do not have a premium subscription but uses the free version of the platform, has started to implement a new ad format.

According to Gizmochina’s report, YouTube is quietly testing showing 5 ads instead of 2 before a free video starts. So now users will have to see 5 ads before the video starts.

According to the same news, YouTube silently started to show 5 ads instead of 2 as of September 2022.

The test of the platform came about when a few users shared their complaints on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. Users said they saw 5 non-skippable ads before they started watching a video.


On the subject, YouTube said on Twitter that a user “5 ad riots” In response, he posted an official response. In his response to the YouTube user, the company said that the new 5 ad impressions “bumper adsHe said it might be related to a type of ad format he calls “.

Bumper ads, one of the YouTube ad models, are usually 6 seconds long and cannot be skipped.

Most people who currently use YouTube for free, “5 ads before the video startsIt doesn’t experience the ” status. YouTube seems to be testing this among certain YouTube users.

For now, most people only get 2 ads before the video starts. “5 adsIt is not known whether the ” change will be available to all YouTube users soon.

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