Spain’s Turkey nuisance: It’s crazy

While there are claims in the campaigns carried out through the press and social media that dental treatments in Turkey are cheap, but some patients return with serious health problems, especially some British and Americans, who allegedly were not satisfied with the dental treatment they received in Turkey, shared on social media that the face was swollen and bruised. images of people are used.


La Sexta, one of the Spanish television channels that gives wide coverage to dental tourism tourism in Turkey, stated that Turkey’s dental treatment is almost 3 times cheaper than Spain and said, “It has become fashionable to travel to Turkey in search of a perfect smile, but against this new health tourism destination. Be careful.” used the phrases.


Antena 3 television also reported in a similar news, that Spanish dentist Ivan Malagon said, “This is crazy. We are playing with the future of our health and quality of life. We do not buy a cheap bag. This is a health care service. You go to Turkey because it is cheap, but then they come back crying and their teeth come back again. They pay a lot more to have it done.” made his claim.

(Ivan Malagon)

Some Spanish internet news sites such as “El debate” also claimed that there are people who lost their lives due to dental treatments in Turkey, and that patients had problems with infection, abscess or chewing difficulties.

Some dental clinics in Spain also sent a press release, noting that the demand for dental treatment in Turkey, which is especially intense in England, is beginning to be seen in Spain, saying, “These dental treatments for very cheap money are a danger to oral health.” defended his view.


Finally, the General Council of Dentists of Spain asked dentists working in Spain to “inform all patients who have been treated unsuccessfully in Turkey in order to take appropriate legal measures”.

Stating that there are problems especially in patients receiving dental veneer treatment in Turkey, Council President Oscar Castro said, “Not all dental clinics in Turkey do bad treatment, but our concern is that those who go there are perceived as customers, not patients.” said.


On the other hand, according to the information obtained from the Health and Travel Services Department of the General Directorate of International Service Trade in Turkey, it was stated that nearly 2.5 million health tourists visited Turkey in 2021 and this number is expected to exceed 3 million in 2022.

It has also been reported that Turkey is “one of the leading actors in the global health tourism market” and ranks second in the world, after the USA, in terms of health tourism revenue, according to Trademap data.

Hospitals and clinics engaged in health tourism are required to obtain an “International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Health, and that the institutions that receive it must receive the necessary score from the Ministry of Health inspection regarding quality standards, information system and communication infrastructure, including information about health facilities and doctors, international patient unit It was noted that it should have 2 foreign language personnel and a call center.


In the other information provided, it was stated that “The Complication and Travel Health Insurance expenses are supported by 70 percent by the state in order to prevent the foreign patients from suffering in case of any medical complications that may arise due to the nature of the health service, and with this support, the emergency health service that may be needed during the visit of a health tourist from the loss of his luggage and after the treatment. It was stated that the health trip is insured as a whole until the complication that may arise.

It has been noted that great importance is attached to the provision of health services at international standards and the accreditation of health facilities in Turkey, in this context, 34 health institutions in Turkey have JCI accreditation, the most prestigious accreditation program in the world, and Turkey ranks 7th in the world with this number.

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