10 thousand TL will be paid! 3 banks burned the ships, made the statement jointly

Last minute announcement came from 3 banks. 10 thousand TL will be given free and non-refundable cash. State banks will pay all retirees who apply.

Good news came from 3 banks for those in urgent need of cash. Public banks will quickly give an additional payment of 10 thousand TL to everyone who applies. Although they did not enter the promotion race, public banks almost entered into a race with each other to give free payments for retirees. 3 public banks made a last-minute announcement today, an offer that will entice the retiree. Retirees in need of quick and urgent cash will be able to get a response from public banks immediately if they apply. Ziraat, Vakıfbank and Halkbank will instantly give an additional 10 thousand TL to retirees. Here are the questions about the low-interest loan campaign of state banks…

Joint announcement came from banks. 3 banks will pay 10 thousand TL to the pensioner. Ziraat, Vakıfbank and Halkbank offer an interest-free 10 thousand TL consumer loan, unlike the salary promotion. With this move, public banks want to win the hearts of the citizens and make up for the lost customers. The payments to be made by public banks only cover the retirees. Retirees who want to meet their urgent cash needs without paying interest can apply. There is no need to go to the branch to apply. You can also apply through mobile banking or internet banking services.


Banks offer additional payment opportunities only to retirees. Public banks, which are tight-lipped about salary promotion, open the taps for interest-free cash advances to retirees. Retirees who apply via mobile and internet banking without the need to go to a bank branch can benefit from the interest-free cash advantage of at least 10 thousand TL. In this model offered by public banks, there is a repayment but no interest payment. It is given at absolutely zero interest.


Within the scope of the Interest-free cash advance campaign provided by Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank and Halkbank, it is necessary to make transactions through bank branches, a mobile banking and internet banking in order to apply. At the same time, this payment is only valid for public banks customers. Pensioners who are Public Bank customers can immediately complete their application through the bank they are customers of.


In October, there were expectations of an increase in salary promotion in public banks. However, despite the arrival of October, no statement was made from the public banks on this issue. In other words, public banks still continue to pay a cash promotion of 750 TL to the pensioner in return for a 3-year commitment. Public banks, which act a little in terms of promotion, are trying to fill this gap with other methods.