Bad news from Borrell on Ukraine’s request to join NATO

Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Relations and Security Policy, on Ukraine’s request for accelerated accession to NATO “It’s not a fundamental issue at the moment” made its assessment.

Borrell told Spanish state television RTVE, “Ukraine’s request to join NATO is not a fundamental issue at the moment. The important thing is to continue military support to this country and sanctions against Russia as it has been up to now.” said.

“For the first time, the EU used its funds to buy weapons and deliver them to a warring country” Borrell said, emphasizing that with the contribution of the USA, Ukraine helped to defend itself.

Borrell, who argued that the EU should continue to increase its stance in the Russia-Ukraine War, “The EU takes effective, powerful and comprehensive sanctions decisions, which many countries have not been able to do against Russia. In addition to protecting existing ones, more military aid to Ukraine, more sanctions against Russia and participation in the global diplomatic war are current priorities” used the phrase.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “by making the end of the war impossible” accusing Borrell, continued his words as follows:

“Putin’s threats must be taken into account. Any risk is possible. This includes the nuclear threat. China, India and other countries have stated that this threat should be excluded. This is a real threat, even if it leaves Russia alone.”

Evaluating the restrictions imposed by the EU against Russian tourists, Borrell said, “We wanted to limit the massive tourist flow because it didn’t make much sense to have Russians drinking in European cities and beaches while Russia was destroying and bombing Ukraine, but now we’re in a different situation. Human rights and the right to asylum are still in place. We have to separate those fleeing war from tourists.” he said.