Ziraat bank loan campaign was an event! Eyes on the bank in the end of month campaign… Last minute…

Ziraat Bank, which serves as a public bank, shared a new announcement at the last minute with its new campaigns. Ziraat Bank announced that it will make loan payments with appropriate interest rates to the citizens with its consumer loan campaign. Ziraat Bank announced that it will provide a 3-month deferred loan to all citizens who will make loan payments, with the announcement made on its official website and on its own social media accounts.

These loans, which will be given without proof of income up to 50000 TL, will be paid at the lowest interest rates until the end of the month, only to those who have an account with the bank or who are salary customers from the bank. Retired people who want to use loans, if they have not taken any loan before, can use loans with higher limits by participating in the low interest consumer loan campaign of this bank after carrying their salaries to Ziraat Bank branches.

Ziraat Bank, to apply for a consumer loan, you can go to bank branches and make your transactions easily, or you can get a loan using internet banking applications.

After the inquiry to be made on your TR ID number, Ziraat Bank will send you a message about how much credit you have received, and you will be able to use this credit from your address without going to the bank branch or from the bank branch.

Citizens who will apply through Ziraat Bank should receive their pension from this bank in case they retire. If you want to receive our pension through this bank, you will be able to get results quickly. Retired people can get general purpose loans even if their bank credit score is low.