YouTube Music gets a new karaoke feature!

YouTube Music, one of the leading music platforms, has been taking important steps recently with the new features it has added to itself. The music platform, which has undergone various changes in its menu and interface, has also gained artificial intelligence support. YouTube Music users will now be able to sing karaoke.

YouTube Music highlights lyrics

YouTube has been streaming the lyrics live on the Casting UI, which it has been offering to some users for a while. With the innovation, album art, song title and artist are now moved to the right side instead of being in the middle of the screen, while the scrolling lyrics find themselves in the left and middle of the screen.

A Reddit user The new feature, noticed by YouTube, is offered with the YouTube TV application. While the lyrics highlighted with a white background continue to slide on the screen, the background image of the user is blurred and forms the basis of the interface.

New feature from YouTube Music that cares about user preference!

New feature from YouTube Music that cares about user preference!

YouTube Music’s new Radio feature has emerged. Now users will be able to combine songs from their favorite genres.

With the new feature offered by YouTube Music, when the song is finished, the songwriters of the song appear on the screen in the same way. In cases where the lyrics are not included, it is stated that YouTube Music prefers to use the old theme.

YouTube Music has been focusing on lyrics lately. The company, which included the option of ‘improvements in lyrics’ in its survey to its users in the past days, gave signals that it would take new steps in this regard.

YouTube has not yet introduced its new feature in wide circles. With this feature, YouTube Music users will be able to better accompany the songs. In the future, this feature is expected to be available in the mobile version as well.

YouTube Music offers its users the opportunity to sing karaoke with its new feature. So what do you think about the new flowing lyrics that YouTube Music brings? You can share your views with us in the comments section.