Winter Support from the State: 1.366 TL Invoice Assistance for Those Who Fill the Application Form!

Due to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, difficult days are waiting for the countries all over Europe this winter. Countries that want to take measures against the energy crisis have already started to use various elements. Turkey will be affected by the energy crisis relatively less than Europe. However, it is preparing to provide winter support to low-income citizens. After the applications made via e-Government are evaluated, electricity and natural gas bill support will be provided to those in need!


Due to the energy crisis, a large price increase is expected in natural gas bills next winter. For the low-income group that will be most affected by the hikes, the Ministry of Family and Social Services General Directorate of Social Assistance provides some assistance within the scope of Natural Gas Consumption Support. Supports to be paid via PTT started to be deposited into accounts.

In a detailed statement, the Ministry provided the opportunity to apply to citizens who are natural gas subscribers in houses used as residences through the e-Government portal. Seasonal conditions were determined as a criterion for the aid to be paid within the scope of winter support. It has been announced that a minimum payment of 450 TL and a maximum of 1,150 TL will be paid for 2022.


Citizens who log in to the system with their Republic of Turkey ID number and e-Government password can then be directed to the page in question by searching for the social assistance application sentence. Through the application screen in this section, the new application tab is entered and the KVKK is approved in the window that opens. After the information you have entered is verified, personal information is filled in order to calculate the amount of natural gas support. If all this information is entered incompletely, the application request is approved and the process is terminated.

You do not need to make any application for electricity bill support. Electricity assistance Within the scope of the Law No. 3294 on Social Assistance and Solidarity Encouragement and the Law No. 2022 on Paying Pensioners to the Needy, Powerless and Lonely Turkish Citizens Over 65; It is automatically paid to people who already receive assistance. In the name of 2022, 216 liras are deposited into accounts, and therefore, 1,366 liras of support money will be given by the state to citizens who receive natural gas support.

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