Why is the fledgling King acting so strangely? | 5 QUESTIONS 5 ANSWERS


With the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England yesterday, Prince Charles, the eldest of his four children, recently passed away in St. At the ceremony held at St. James’s Palace King Charles III officially ascended the throne.

Charles III, who ascended the throne at the age of 73 and has been counting the days to ascend to the throne for a very long time, also achieved the title of “Monark”, the oldest who came to power in England. The new King had been prepared for this day all his life.

King Charles III, who has attracted attention with his angry attitude towards the palace staff in recent days, announced that he will close his official residence in London and lay off nearly 100 employees as he will move to Buckingham Palace.

Those who cannot make sense of Charles’s behavior in the last days are worried about what he will do during the King’s reign after the period of mourning. So what kind of ruler will the new King be?


Why is the fledgling King acting so weird |  5 QUESTIONS 5 ANSWERS

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King Charles III may be recorded as perhaps the longest reigning intern in history. He was an heir who was under the shadow of his mother and always lived in the uncertainty of when he would ascend to the throne.

Being the number one candidate for monarch, Charles III, who got used to living in media branding throughout his life, always made a name for himself with his problems with journalists and his scandalous exits. But at his inauguration ceremony last weekend, he declared that he would be a responsible ruler, following the example that inspired him.

Robert Hardman’s latest book Queen of Our Times “I think Prince Charles will be the best prepared King this country has ever had. After all, he waited longer than anyone else as heir to the throne. It may seem a bit odd that he came to the throne in his 70s, but the truth is he’s been preparing for it for a long time.”

Well, is it really so? Could it be that their experiences during this preparation period and their reactions during the mourning period summarize the personality of King Charles III? Or are these the temporary effects of the grieving period?


Undoubtedly, 3rd Charles, who has been waiting to sit on the throne for a long time, never made peace with the media. When asked about her plans to marry Camilla on a ski vacation with her sons in 2005, she told BBC reporter Nicholas Witchell, “Damn you all. I can’t stand this man. He’s a terrible person, really”, which drew the reaction of the media.

It also led to an international crisis when he compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler in 2014. Because of this and similar reasons, Charles III is seen by the media as a monarch who will always make “unbalanced” exits.


Why is the fledgling King acting so weird |  5 QUESTIONS 5 ANSWERS


King Charles III grew up in an environment of extreme control by the Royal Family. The fact that he was the number one heir to the throne caused him to be overtaken and led a safe life under protection at all times.

As such, the behavior of King Charles III, who was counting the days to sit on the throne with ambition and longing, was met with public reaction. The British press argues that this is just the beginning.

Famous British writer and TV presenter Jeremy Paxman, 2006 Ten Royalty In his book, he wrote that Charles instructed the preparation of seven eggs, as he wanted hard-boiled eggs for breakfast and was never quite sure whether the egg had a satisfactory hardness.



3. At the beginning of the week Charles’ St. It has been claimed that his behavior at the inauguration ceremony held at the James Palace was the summary of the behavior of a King whose wish was not fulfilled, and therefore he could become very angry over even a small issue.

On the other hand, Charles III, who signed a guest book at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, first got the date wrong, then couldn’t hide his anger with the ink leaking from the fountain pen in his hand and left the room by saying “I can’t stand this damn thing”.

Why is the fledgling King acting so weird |  5 QUESTIONS 5 ANSWERS


The majority of the British public has generally positive feelings about King Charles III, despite his unexpected and scandalous appearances. Aside from the hesitations and worries of a newcomer to the throne, there is also a large section of people who excuse the strange outbursts of a son who has lost his mother because of the complex feelings he has.


The historian Simon Schama “Everyone is arguing about what path he will take. There are also those who say that he will have some unpredictable movements. Because they saw a warm and sympathetic monarch. Charles is in trouble with sympathy.” used the phrases.

schema, “It was a way for the Queen to gather people around her and establish a close relationship with them. Looking back today, I think Charles also seems to have learned something from his mother. When he returned to London, the first job cleared the gap and was well received by the public.” found out.

Charles 3. was undoubtedly seen as a more outspoken figure than his mother and a refusing to abide by the strict rules of the monarchy. During his reign, he tended to go beyond tradition and draw a unique ruler figure.

In his farewell address to the Queen, he promised his beloved mother that he would serve the Monarchy for the rest of his life, and swore to serve the values ​​she upheld with unwavering devotion.

But will Charles III really be a defender of tradition or his own values ​​as the new face of the monarchy?


The Times magazine article published in June claimed that Charles III specifically refrained from commenting on the government’s policy of deporting immigrants to Rwanda.

In the official statement made by Charles 3., the statement “Prince of Wales, we will not comment on private negotiations except to remind you that you remain politically neutral”. Thus, Charles was in harmony with all the rules of the monarchy, far from breaking the rules.

In 2018, Charles, who turned 70 years old, made him feel that he would not speak up and make any statement until he became King. On the one hand, it refuses to abide by its strict rules; on the other hand, he obeyed the requirements of tradition.

In this aspect, Queen Elizabeth IIIt turned out that he had learned great lessons from. Charles 3. had taken the Queen’s silence in the face of political agendas as his guide when appropriate.

Why is the fledgling King acting so weird |  5 QUESTIONS 5 ANSWERS


It is difficult to say the same for the media, although it has the support of the public. The King’s strange habits are often brought up. One of them is that he takes the toilet seat and toilet paper with him on travels.

The owner of the claim is a butler named Paul Burrell, who was under the command of Prince Charles during the reign of Princess Diana.

Describing those days, Burrell said, “Every morning the Prince’s dressing gowns and pajamas were ironed. We had to iron the laces of his shoes. The bath stopper should have been in a certain position and the water temperature should have been adjusted to the temperature we were told…”


3. Charles is not limited to this, he allegedly asked his assistants to spray a certain amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush. Despite all these oddities, it is also claimed by the palace staff that the Prince takes very good care of himself and pays attention to his form.

Saying that the King ate very healthy meals, Chef Graham Newbould said, “He had breakfast with homemade bread, a bowl of fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juices.”

Chef Newbould also claims that Charles III carries his breakfast bag with him wherever he goes in the world. There is nothing in the bag! Six kinds of honey, special muesli, dried fruits and special breakfast foods prepared by the chef are included in this bag.

Why is the fledgling King acting so weird |  5 QUESTIONS 5 ANSWERS


After moving to Buckingham Palace, Charles 3 announced that he would be laying off nearly 100 royal staff at Clarence House, his former royal residence.

This move by Charles is thought to be to get the popular vote. So much so that the British people were always complaining about the expenditures of the Royal family, which were covered by the state budget. The daily newspapers, which were afraid of missing the dose of criticism, used a cautious language and stated that the kingdom cost the people very dearly.

In fiscal year 2021-2022 records released before the Queen passed away, the British Royal Family’s annual income was £102.4m (124.3m). dollar) turned out to be spent. This means an increase of 17 percent. Most of the royal spending – roughly £14.6m – came from the Sovereign Grant Reserve. These are known as funds that the monarchy invests in the government’s banking service until needed.

Therefore, it is stated that this move of King Charles III is a very cleverly planned maneuver. With this maneuver, the king signaled to the public that he would determine a controlled financial model in the coming period.

But those who have worked day and night under Prince Charles for decades have been puzzled by the new King’s expulsion from them. Many employees thought they would be reassigned to Buckingham Palace with the King.


The Union of Public and Business Services (PCS) union, in a statement, questioned why such a decision was made in such a hurry in the UK, which is in a period of mourning. In the statement made by the union, the emphasis “This decision is nothing but heartlessness” was also quite remarkable.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Business Services Association, said:

“As the roles in the royal family change, it is normal for some changes in residences to occur. But given recent events, the scale and time of change shows how callous the decision was made.”

Undoubtedly, a new era opens with King Charles III. How this period will take shape and the way the King will choose for himself will become clear in time.


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