Who bought out of the helicopter that landed on the roof of Fenerbahce Alex that day?

Ertugrul Ozkokreferring to his spouse’s identify “Letters to Tansuunderneath the heading “and”e-newsletter“, at this time, he touched on the Brazilian elections. ÖzkökWhat they name the nationwide will, the results of the poll field, They forgot that solely 4-5 years gave them the proper to rule the nation throughout the boundaries decided by the structure and legal guidelines, they dominated their nation like their father’s farm. The good energy of their fingers appeared to them an infinite may.” made its evaluation.

Ozkok’s “Who bought out of the helicopter that landed on the roof of Fenerbahce Alex’s roof that day?The article titled “?” reads:

Who bought out of the helicopter that landed on the roof of Fenerbahce Alex that day?

On April 7, 2018 with the complete date…

That day, a helicopter arrived in Curitiba, Brazil. on the terrace of a constructing landed.

A 73-year-old man was lowered from the helicopter…

This was the roof of the headquarters of the Curitiba Federal Police Service.

In different phrases, the safety roof of town the place Alex de Souza from Fenerbahce lives…

The white-bearded man, like a felony, among the many safety guards, He was taken straight to town jail and put in a cell.

It was on this cell that he would serve his sentence of 12 years and 1 month.

Populist chief makes the choose who sentenced him Minister of Justice

this man’s identify Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was.

However Brazil and the entire world “Lula” he knew by identify.

He was the President of Brazil from 2003 to 2011.

These had been the years when the Brazilian financial system was booming.

As a left-wing ex-union govt, he dominated Brazil in these heydays.

There have been elections six months later and he was tried for a corruption cost and sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Elections had been held in October that 12 months, making it probably the most populist president in Brazilian historical past. Jair Bolsonaro was elected president.

The very first thing he did as quickly as he was elected was the choose S.ergio Moro’He had additionally turn into Minister of Justice.

Step one within the authoritarianism of any populist chief is to make use of justice for his personal vengeful emotions and to destroy his opponents.

The rule has not modified in Brazil both.

He left his cell for 580 days as President yesterday.

Lula spent 580 days in that cell.

Nonetheless, on the finish of this era, the Constitutional Courtroom acknowledging that the corruption allegations had been slander, and nullified the decision towards him.

Lula, who was transported by helicopter to a jail courtyard within the metropolis of Alex 4 years in the past, like a typical felony, was elected the brand new President of Brazil yesterday.

First steps in the direction of elected dictatorship

Bolsonaro with the style assertion of latest years “he was an elected dictator…”

Because the day he got here to energy, he did his greatest to destroy the opposition media, to neutralize democratic establishments and to validate nepotism and arbitrary conduct within the administration.

Brazil, which confirmed an incredible financial growth within the first 10 years of the 2000s, entered into an financial disaster throughout his reign.

Inflation took off.

He underestimated Covid and 700,000 folks in Brazil fell sufferer to his negligence and callousness. However most significantly, it divided Brazil within the center; turned one facet into a rustic that hates the opposite

The one candidate who has not been elected a second time within the final 34 years.

In any case, he misplaced the election yesterday…

One other element that needs to be on the ears of all populist leaders is that this:

In Brazil, for the primary time in 34 years, an elected president misplaced his second election.

Now, he is doing what each shedding populist chief does:


Furthermore, the army bought it behind.

from the generals The voices of “we are going to make a coup” are getting louder.

However that is the results of the election…

Is the golden age of populist leaders ending?

The dialogue now’s:

The 2000s had been the rise of populist authoritarian leaders in lots of international locations of the world.

I ponder if the lead to Brazil, one of many world’s most populated democracies, The top of the rise of populism” is it attainable?

It is too early to inform.

However there may be one factor I can say upfront.

Lula gained the election by a slim margin.

His vote is 50.9 p.c…

Its populist rival is 49.1%.

So there may be just one.8 p.c distinction between them.

Which means that the Brazilian persons are break up proper within the center. is displaying.

Is the 1.8 p.c distinction sufficient to drive out the angels within the palace?

Now, a left-wing president, who has come to energy in such a small approach, will rule the nation with enormous powers.

Bolsonaro’s spouse, who misplaced the election, is a religious devotee.

Or so it goes.

Through the election marketing campaign, many slanders had been made towards Lula and her husband.

“If he involves energy will shut church buildings“Even mentioned…

Lula’s spouseWodoo ritual” nicely “Witchcraft” accused of doing.

As well as, whereas he was President, the Presidential Palace “of your demons”, “your demon” He mentioned that after they got here, they saved the palace from the domination of the satan and put it underneath the command of the angels.

It did not maintain…

So the church buildings to the stables, the palaces to the satan’s nest they turned the slander didn’t maintain.

What precisely are the boundaries of a “bend” victory?

Nonetheless, the issue shouldn’t be over.

There’s a idea within the Brazilian soccer language:

“On the best way…”

You recognize, what we are saying principally after the nationwide matches in Turkey. “Despite the fact that we had been defeated, we had been defeated with our honor, however we weren’t crushed” such a phrase.

Even a populist chief, along with his wonderful demagogy “We will likely be victorious on this street” he may even say.

Let’s not overlook that we now have identified very nicely since Hitler that populist deception and deception haven’t any limits.

So Lula gained, however in the beginning, a “on the bend” has an issue.

It additionally doesn’t have a majority in parliament.

Sooner or later, each defeated populist president will style the crooked ‘nationwide will’ he created.

However Lula additionally has the benefit.

Populist presidents have been very unhealthy all around the world within the final 10 years.

He created political and social jurisprudence.

They used irregular and arbitrary powers as in the event that they got here with 100% within the seats they seized with 1-2 p.c distinction.

In lots of, they destroyed democratic establishments, the media, the opposition.

So it is so unhealthy”with political jurisprudenceThey created r.

And I all the time do thatThey tied what they referred to as “the need of the need” to nearly all of the votes.

What they name the nationwide will, the results of the poll field, They forgot that solely 4-5 years gave them the proper to rule the nation throughout the boundaries decided by the structure and legal guidelines, they dominated their nation like their father’s farm.

The good energy of their fingers appeared to them like an infinite may.

With that energy, he certain the judges and prosecutors to himself and imprisoned the previous President. they threw.

Populist replacements are on the check with revanchism

However now that very same energy has handed into Lula’s fingers.

There are such a lot of critical accusations towards Bolsonaro, together with his Covid negligence and callousness. When he handed over the mandate on January 1, The immunity armor on it’s also eliminated.

The lives of 700 thousand persons are not such a easy accusation in any respect…

So what is going to Lula do?

Lula, who spent 580 days in jail, should know that psychology greatest.

Revanchist emotions, revanchism; vendetta brings vendetta.

I feel a course of that will likely be adopted with curiosity for Turkey is beginning in Brazil.

“Publish, authoritarian populism period administration…”

His primary rule is to rule this era with out deviating from justice.

So to start with, a very unbiased judiciary…

“Publish-authoritarian” presidential administration guidelines

However there are issues that may be mentioned already with out ready for that course of.

The instance of Brazil confirmed us all that.

The authoritarian and uncontrolled populist presidential system doesn’t deliver happiness to any nation.

It creates huge issues within the financial system.

It’s destroying justice, the media and democratic establishments.

It undermines human rights.

Arbitrary administration and corruption have gotten commonplace.

It polarizes the folks and makes hatred the each day materials of politics.

And in the long run, even the leaders who began with the most effective intentions

finally making them elected dictators.

Conclusion: The six desk is on the proper trackThis instance as soon as once more confirmed that…In international locations the place democratic traditions and establishments will not be totally established, democracy is greatest protected and maintained by the parliamentary system.In different phrases, the explanation for existence of the Six Desk is right and strong.That is the best way to stage Turkey. Effectively; Transition from a strengthened presidential system to a strengthened parliamentary system.