When will Icardi return? Why was he angry with Torreira?

Istanbulspor, which they won 2-1 and took the leadership seat evaluating the match Galatasaray Coach Okan Buruk“What we wanted before the match, our dream was to finish the week as the leader at the end of the day. We experienced this at the end of the match. We experienced this badly in the last 10 minutes, both in terms of the game and the position we gave to the opponent. We did not experience the joy of victory one hundred percent. Of course there will be games like this. We excelled in the 40-minute episode. The second half was somewhat balanced. Again, there were clear positions. If we had scored the third goal, the match could have ended earlier. We also scored a goal,” he said.

Regarding the return of the team’s striker, Mauro Icardi, Okan Buruk made the statement, “We are planning Icardi’s comeback match as Ankaragücü.”

Galatasaray will host Ankaragücü in the 17th week.

Upon reminding Lucas Torreira of the moments when he was angry, Bitter; “I was angry because Lucas Torreira was on the yellow card limit and was suspended. He has received another such easy yellow card before. The referee wanted him to come off the side, he said he would be out of the way, and he got a card and got suspended. I got angry about this. Sometimes teams, players plan He does it, says, ‘Let me see cards in this match,’ but we don’t have that kind of thing. He got suspended. We do not take any suspended or injured players anywhere. They stay here and train. He will train with his other friends,” he said.

Stating that Midtsjö’s situation is not clear, Buruk said, “He will most likely be able to play. It will be clearer on Monday. Kazımcan cannot play in Sivas.”

Regarding the situation of Haris Seferovic, who could not get time in the match, Buruk said, “We had a football match three days ago. We tried it in the game. We are trying to give time to all our players. Today I did not give him time in the game. I wanted to use Mertens in the middle. He had a good day. I got Mata behind him to have more possession. It was a tactical choice. But our player. He has to show himself and prove himself again. He wants that, we want it. The fans want it. We still trust Haris Seferovic. “