Wellness step from Netflix: Fitness classes begin

Netflix announced that as of December 30, it will start broadcasting fitness content called “Nike Training Club”.

Netflix, the online series and movie platform, announced that it will start broadcasting fitness content. In the statement made on the company’s website, Netflix subscribers as of December 30 “Nike Training Club” that they can access their content.

According to WebTekno, “Nike Training Club” content will be presented to the audience as training programs that will allow consumers to exercise individually.

Nike Training Club content, which will be added to Netflix, will be broadcast in 5 categories. The categories are:

  • Fitness basics (13 chapters)
  • Core trainings (7 chapters)
  • Yoga trainings (6 episodes)
  • Muscle training (14 episodes)
  • “Feel good” tutorials (6 episodes)

Users will be able to access new fitness trainings in 2023. However, no timetable has been shared regarding when those contents will be published.