‘Weather’ crisis in Hungary! They were fired…


However, the predicted rain and weather conditions during the hours when the fireworks show was scheduled. storm When it did not happen, the Director General of Meteorology Kornelia Radics and her deputy Gyula Horvath were sacked yesterday.

Laszlo Palkovics, Minister of Industry and Technology, announced the decision to the public.

pro-government media weather forecast He wanted those responsible for his prediction to be held accountable.


The General Directorate of Meteorology made a statement after the cancellation of the fireworks show and announced that the models prepared based on the available data most likely pointed to the storm.

The institution stated that it prepared its reports based on this high probability and apologized for the wrong estimation.

After all, even though scientific modeling was done, the weather was a matter of forecasting, and it was the organizers, not the meteorologists, who canceled the shows.


Meteorology officials were saying, “We are an expert board, we are not executives”.


The 15 department heads of the General Directorate of Meteorology issued a statement on the dismissal of the two highest officials of the institution.

The heads of departments protested the government’s decision, emphasizing that there was great pressure on the institution.

The heads of departments also reminded the storm that broke out suddenly at the beginning of the fireworks display in 2006, which killed 6 people watching the shows and injured dozens of people.

Emphasizing that after that date, a report was requested from the meteorology before the celebrations, the heads of departments noted that they also prepared weather models for this year’s celebrations, but there is always a margin of flexibility in such forecasts:

“We made the best use of the data we had and did our duty. Now let independent institutions examine these models; Let’s find out if we have a mistake or not. Until the investigation is concluded, the decision to dismiss should be revoked.”


August 20 is celebrated as the anniversary of the founding of the Hungarian state in 1000. The festival, which is celebrated every period, albeit with different intensity, in different historical periods, witnessed especially big events during the Prime Minister Viktor Orban period, when national and traditional values ​​came to the fore.


In this year’s celebrations, it was announced that there will be the most magnificent fireworks displays ever. The cost of these demonstrations was also on the agenda in the Parliament, and the government did not answer the opposition’s questions on this matter.

Due to the economic crisis, the opposition suggested that the money to be spent on demonstrations should be used for social projects this year, but the proposal was not found significant by the government.


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