Watch The Girl in the Glass Episode 51

In the 51st episode of the Girl in the Glass series, Muzo sees Nalan hugging Hayri. What happened in the new episode of Girl in the Glass, which was broadcast on Thursday, October 6th? The Girl in the Glass is on Kanal D with its latest episode in HD quality! The Girl in the Glass came to the screen with its 51st episode. Watch the Girl in the Glass Episode 51 in full! In the last episode of the Girl in the Glass, Feride does her best to keep Hayri away from Nalan!

Feride, who thinks that Hayri and Nalan are alone in the room; He sees Sedat unconscious in his bed, but still cannot control his nerves and quickly activates the plan in his mind for Hayri. When Sedat steals one hell of a night, things get into a dead end. Nalan will not forgive Sedat this time. While Feride and Selen get nervous after Sedat comes to the house with alcohol, Rafet costs Gülcihan to have their children in this situation.

Tensions arose when Selen, the new chairman of the company, announced her new decisions. When Nalan realized that Selen was hinting at her, she left the meeting. Muzo, who followed Hayri and Nalan closely, followed when he saw the duo leaving the mansion. Nalan showed Hayri the note left to her. Nalan, who was upset with Hayri’s entry into her life, could not hold back her tears and Hayri hugged Nalan. This is how Muzo witnessed the forbidden love of the two. Who saw Nalan and Hayri kissing on their wedding day? While the person who left the note for Nalan remained a mystery, Tako’s entering Nalan’s room and leaving another note left a question mark in their minds. Mysterious witness Tako?

The Girl in the Glass is on Kanal D with its new episodes every Thursday…


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