Vestel R&D center asserted its claims in batteries and batteries

IFA, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics and white goods events, opened its doors in Berlin. The event, where Turkish brands will showcase their innovative products, will end on September 6th. Participating for the 30th time this year in the event held in Berlin, the capital of Germany, Vestel exhibited many products in different fields from automotive to white goods at IFA for the first time at its 3,000 square meter stand. Vestel CEO Turan Erdoğan, who stated that they now bring the cutting-edge technology to the homes of users not only with smart televisions but also with smart white goods, said, “With the Vestel Evin Mind and VeeZy applications we have developed, it becomes a reality. Thanks to the digital services and collaborations we offer in these applications, we provide our users with a much more comprehensive smart life experience. Our Vestel Mind of the House application in Turkey and our VeeZy application in the world is not just an application for smart devices, it is like a home assistant for users.”


Drawing attention to the importance of interoperability to provide more convenience and options in the lives of users, Erdoğan reminded that they are a Board Member of the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA). Erdoğan stated that they have created a common communication infrastructure so that end users can use the smart products of member brands through a single mobile application.

The firsts drew attention among the products developed by Vestel engineers. Vestel R&D One of these products was the new rechargeable upright vacuum cleaner model whose battery was developed in the center. Vestel S50, the rechargeable upright vacuum cleaner, whose design and production is entirely made with domestic resources, and whose mass production will begin, stands out with its magnetic wall mount and a working time of up to 80 minutes on a single charge. Electric Vehicle Chargers (EV Charger), developed by Vestel as part of its R&D activities, drew attention as one of the products displayed at the stand. Collaborating with the world’s leading energy companies Iberdrola, Eneco, and E.ON giants in this regard, Vestel also showcased the model of the telecom ESS battery, which will be released next year, as well as electric bicycle batteries, battery-operated televisions and electric upright vacuums at IFA.


OLED TV, Mini LED TV, Quantum Dot TV, 8K TV, Philie TV and TV With Me products, which are display technologies among Vestel’s products that meet with consumers, also attracted great attention from the visitors. Smoke-Tech, the world’s first oven-firing technology, is one of Vestel’s most interesting products, which also broke new ground in the kitchen area. Offering the opportunity to add incense flavor to the foods in the oven for the first time in the world, this product of Vestel can automatically smoke while cooking, thanks to its integrated automatic sawdust burning feature. Among Vestel’s products in the kitchen area, Steam Base and Steam Base+, Built-in Ovens with Sensor Technology, 78 cm V-flex Induction Built-in Cookers that prevent burning and excessive boiling with temperature sensors are among the products offered to consumers.