Venezuela’s decision

Commenting on the dissolution of the interim government established by the Venezuelan opposition at the daily press conference, Price said, “We continue to recognize the democratically elected institution in Venezuela, and this is the 2015 National Assembly. We and the democracies of the region will continue to support the 2015 National Assembly and others’ efforts to return democracy to Venezuela.” said.

Stating that they support the “desire of the peaceful restoration of democracy through free and fair elections”, Price said that they will continue to impose sanctions against the Maduro administration.

Asked whether the United States still recognizes Juan Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela, Price said: “Juan Guaido is still a member of the National Assembly and as a member of the 2015 National Assembly, which supports the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people, with him and in Venezuela. We will continue to coordinate with other like-minded democratic actors.” gave the answer.

Venezuelan opposition on December 30 USA voted to dissolve the “interim government” led by Juan Guaido, recognized by many countries, including

President Maduro has expressed his willingness to work to normalize relations with the United States despite the sanctions.

Maduro cut ties with Washington in 2019 when then-President Donald Trump’s administration recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s “interim president”.

Venezuelan President Maduro willing to normalize relations with US

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said he is ready to normalize relations with the United States despite the sanctions affecting his country.

“Venezuela is fully prepared to take steps towards the normalization of diplomatic and political relations with the current US administration and future administrations,” Maduro told state television. used the phrase.

Criticizing the previous US President Donald Trump, Maduro stated that Venezuela is trying to be imposed and hit with extremist policies.

Stressing that they are willing to have a dialogue with the US at the highest level, Maduro said, “I hope a halo of light will shine on the US, turn the page and move on to more pragmatic policies, leaving this extremist policy aside.” he said.

Addressing the private sector, Maduro noted that Venezuela is a country whose doors are completely open to investment and production.

On the other hand, Maduro congratulated the new President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, on Twitter, saying, “I congratulate our friend, Lula da Silva, as President of Brazil with joy. A new wave of liberation is sweeping the country and It paves the way for geopolitical advancement for South American union projects.” said.

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