US official leaked, Israel admitted: Mossad hit Iran

An explosion occurred at the ammunition facility at the UAV factory in Isfahan, Iran, under the Ministry of Defense, last night.

The event, which became a hot topic in the country in a short time, was confirmed by Iranian state television. The Isfahan Governorate announced that there were no casualties as a result of the attack.


In the statement made by the Ministry of Defense, it was stated that the military facility was attacked with micro unmanned aerial vehicles, but it was unsuccessful. It was also stated that a large-scale investigation into the incident is continuing.

The statement from the Ministry of Defense is as follows:

An unsuccessful attack was carried out using micro drones on one of the production facilities of the Ministry of Defense. With defensive measures, one of the aircraft was hit by the facility’s air defense and the other two tripped and exploded in the defensive traps.


While all these developments were taking place, it was wondered which country was behind the attack. In the details that emerged during the day, US senior figures put Israel in the mouth of the ball in the event in question.

After the statements, the US press also took action. The Wall Street Journal, one of the largest newspapers in the country, made the headlines of the event. Claiming that the country behind the attack was Israel, the newspaper used the headline ‘Israel hit Iran to take control of Tehran’.


After this news in the US press, a headline like confession came from Israel. The Times of Israel, one of the country’s well-established media outlets, gave the news on the first page that ‘Mossad hit Iran for our interests’. The article also referred to the Ukraine-Russia war.


In the continuation of the news, the newspaper stated that the unmanned aerial vehicles named ‘Şahed’, which is a domestic production of Iran, caused great damage to the Ukrainian army and that this was prevented with the attack. As it will be remembered, the Shahids, also known as the kamikaze drone, caused great damage to the Ukrainian army and caused the death of many soldiers.