Turned to spirituality! The famous actor’s love of God made everyone cry

Arka Sokaklar, which is remembered as one of the longest-running TV series of Turkish television, has brought together many star actors over the years.

Uğur Pektaş, who played the character of “Murat” in the series, which gives exciting moments in every episode, succeeded in establishing a throne with his successful acting performance.

The famous actress, who played in the TV series Arka Sokaklar for 297 episodes in total, got married in 2008 with her partner in the series, Gamze Özçelik. The couple, who was shown with their happy marriage, had a son, whom they named Murathan, from this union.

The couple, who decided to end their marriage in 2011, completely moved away from acting.

Gamze Özçelik, who gave up acting and devoted herself to charity, chose to make people happy by turning to spirituality.

Uğur Pektaş, who chose the path of his ex-wife, also preferred to turn to a completely different life when he was at the peak of fame.

Pektaş, who leads a secluded life, becomes a subject of curiosity by her fans in her final form.

In this short life where nothing is and cannot be yours… Stop thinking as if everything is yours… Let everything serve you as if it were yours…’ The famous actress continues to be appreciated by her lifestyle lovers.

Pektaş, who shared a frame with her son on her social media account in the past months, had the following note under it: “Where there is love, letters do not merge, sentences are always from being unable to love…”

After the famous actress said, “We ask what is sin? What is goodness? Is there heaven? Is there no heaven? We are in hell every moment we say if it weren’t for me…we are actually on our side, we can’t realize it…Every moment that passes without him.” In fact, we are in SIN….we numb and sleep, actually…we do not realize it…” he shared with the note.

Lastly, touching hearts with his Instagram account, Pektaş wrote in his highly acclaimed square, “If you see DUALITY when you look at the earth, look at the sky and remember unity, remember that everything is in the owner’s HOME, EVERYTHING is His, remember your journey that started when you were a drop of water, realize your weakness, EVERYTHING is you. Try to see how he is helping you and be GRATEFUL, most importantly, find friends who remind you of Him, FRIENDS who have no interest in you.

Pektaş, who set an example with her shares, said, “I pray that precious examples like you will increase for our young people… Even if a person is a famous actor, he can find himself, his soul, the truth. He can reach the spirit of unity. Thank you for your very valuable shares…”, There were comments such as “What a beautiful person you are, always stay under the protection of my Lord” and “A beautiful person whom I feel like one of our family even though we never met, may God always make his way clear inshallah”.

Here is the final version of Uğur Pektaş, Murat of the Back Streets series…