Turkey is the only obstacle to the peace process

WALL – Speaking to the Russian news agency Sputnik in New York for the UN General Assembly meeting, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad stated that Turkey’s failure to fulfill its promises is the only obstacle to the peace process in Syria.

“We expect more seriousness in fulfilling the promises reached by the Turkish side in the Astana process,” Mikdad said, adding, “This is the only obstacle ahead of us at the moment. However, we believe that the efforts of our Russian and Iranian friends are moving in the right direction.


The Syrian minister noted that there was no contact or meeting with the Turkish side during the Week of the United Nations General Assembly. “There is no negotiation, no contact, at least nothing at the level of foreign ministers,” Mikdad said.

Speaking about the grain agreement, Mikdad said that Syria fully supports the grain agreement between Russia and Ukraine and considers the Western countries responsible for the problems that the developing countries are currently facing.

“We fully support this[grain deal]. Western countries are responsible for the problems faced by developing countries. While they want the Ukrainian side to do everything, they do not agree to facilitate the entry of Russian goods into international markets,” said Faisal Mikdad, adding, “I think this is absolutely unfair.”

President Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Ibrahim Reisi as part of the Astana talks held in Iran in July. (NEWS CENTER)

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