Three AKP founders spoke to I will not vote for Erdogan

Corruption, crisis, polarization, hike, prohibition, justice, hunger… Especially in recent years, the place of these concepts in our lives is growing day by day. So, what do those who took part in the founding of the AKP think about this process that Turkey is going through? The three AKP founders who spoke to said that the President is responsible for all these experiences. Tayyip Erdogan Emphasizing that this is the case, he said that they would not give him to Erdogan and AKP in the general elections.

In Turkey, ruled by the AKP, which came to power in 2002 with the promise of fighting corruption, poverty and bans, there are people struggling with the deepening economic crisis and oppression on the one hand, and corruption worth millions of TL exposed on the other. The period when AKP came to power and present Turkey, organized crime organization Sedat Peker‘s disclosures, whether they will vote for Erdogan and AKP in the general elections, after leaving the AKP “from their environment” the reaction they saw and many more questions that took place in the founding of AKP. Fatma Bostan Unsal, Yasar Yakis with Friday SincerelyWe asked

‘At that time, headscarf is everything today’

Fatma Bostan Ünsal, one of the founders of AKP, said that she never imagined that the country would reach this point. Unsal, Ünsal said, “Everything that has been experienced in the process we are in is a huge disappointment for me,” and said, “What we are experiencing right now is much worse than what happened when we came to power. At that time, there was a restrictive environment for the headscarf. Today, however, there is a much more oppressive environment than in that period, in which only the headscarf is allowed, but everything else is prohibited and far from the law. Your opposition is also not considered legitimate. This is a first in Turkey” used the phrases.

‘He wasn’t like that’

Emphasizing that the AKP has strayed far from its founding goals, Ünsal said, “Erdogan is not consistent. At the moment, it is following a policy that is the exact opposite of our initial policy. He is someone who almost saints his own voter base, and turns those outside his own voter base into enemies. He wasn’t like that,” he said. Stating that Turkey is moving away from an environment where people can easily negotiate their views, Ünsal said, “Even my close circle and relatives have moved away from the environment of dialogue. In order to constantly reinforce the right-wing conservative voters, who are thought to be 65 percent in Turkey, moves are being made that will almost disrupt the genetics of the electorate. said.

‘Everything started on June 7’

Reminding that he is also a member of the Statutory Decree, Ünsal said, “Many people were fired from their jobs just because of name confusion. There was no place where he could tell his troubles.” he said. According to Ünsal, the process we are in right now started with the fall of AKP from power on June 7, 2015.

Unsal, “After the June 7 elections, the AKP should have encouraged the parliament to form a government. A coalition had to be formed. It was not established and after that we were blown up here.” used the phrases. On the other hand, Ünsal emphasizes that the cause of the economic crisis is President Erdoğan and his close circle.

‘Neo-patrimonial sultanism’

Stating that he thinks there is some truth in Peker’s disclosures, Ünsal said, “These are the fates of politics moving away from being transparent and accountable. Turkey lives this fate. As Ersin Kalaycıoğlu said, this one-man rule, which is neo-patrimonial sultanism, has a structure that opens the door to it. The judicial order does not go through the normal process. What needs to be done is to return to transparency and accountability as soon as possible.” said.

‘She lost a lot of blood’

Stating that AKP lost a lot of blood, Ünsal said, “After 2015, it decreased from 49.5 percent to 27 percent or something. MHP also lost blood. It seems that he will not be able to cross the threshold either.” made a statement. Unsal, “Which party will you vote for in the general election?” also regarding the question “Of course, I will not give it to the AKP. How long have I been giving? I wouldn’t vote for Erdogan either, because that’s the reason why I don’t like all this politics. There is no sign that it will improve.” gives the answer.

‘He made the two biggest mistakes about Egypt and Syria’

Yaşar Yakis, the founding member of the AKP and the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of the AKP, said that during the AKP’s rule, the two biggest mistakes in foreign policy were made regarding Syria and Egypt. Emphasizing that Turkey is unfair in both, Yakis said, “Now Egypt is trying to make up for what was done. Turkey also acts in Libya without putting all of its eggs in the same basket.” said.

‘He didn’t hit the brake, he still doesn’t’

Emphasizing that there is a general belief that the weapons sent by Turkey reached the terrorist organization ISIS, Yakis said, “The international community stepped on the brakes when they realized that the weapons they had sent to aid the civilian uprising in Syria had gone into the wrong hands. Turkey, on the other hand, did not apply the brakes and still does not. There is a belief that those weapons reached ISIS. What Turkey has done about ISIS is beyond denial.” used the phrases.

‘Erdogan’s words are very wrong’

Yakis, used by Erdogan in 2012 “Hopefully, we will go to Damascus as soon as possible, recite Fatiha at the tomb of Saladin, and perform our prayers at the Umayyad Mosque.” He also said that he saw the statements as a very wrong and insulting behavior.

‘It is possible to accept disclosures’

Yakis said that he did not want to completely rule out the possibility that Peker revelations could extend to Erdogan. “If it reaches as far as the palace, it is a very bad situation. Maybe a possibility can be prevented without going to the President or his relatives. It is possible to accept these disclosures as true as long as what Peker has said so far has not been denied. I can’t imagine that their disclosure will go all the way in the current legal system, and I’m not hopeful that there will be an immediate result. It will be covered somehow.” he said.

Finally, Yakis emphasized that he would not vote for AKP in a possible general election and preferred to vote for someone other than Erdoğan.

‘He added water to the milk’

Cuma İçten, one of the founders of the AKP and currently the Advisor to the Chairman of the Future Party, stated that the beginning of the cover-up of the corruption of 17-25 December was a milestone for him to leave the AKP. “The AKP added water to the milk after the 17-25 December corruption. Erdogan prevented the four ministers from being tried in the supreme court as a result of their corruption.” Mentioning the bans on concerts and festivals, İçten said, “They are extremely uncomfortable when people come together to form a crowded image and rhetoric and slogans against the government appear there. Because they are so afraid used the phrases. // News Center

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