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In Istanbul, Yusuf E. and his sister lived together in a duplex house in Mecidiyeköy. The two brothers kept their old belongings on the upper floor of the house, which was quite large. Film The event, which does not look like his scenarios, came to light on September 4, when Yusuf E. heard voices from the upper floor of the house. When Yusuf E. went upstairs, he suddenly saw Turkmenistan citizen Jumamyrat Jumalyev. The man was wearing the slippers of Yusuf E.’s sister. After Yusuf E. kicked Jumalyev out of the house, he went upstairs. There were tea glasses in the empty room, a passport, a prayer teacher’s book and the Turkish translation of the Quran in a bag. Yusuf E. immediately called the police. Police teams searched the house, but no one was in the flat. Jumalyev was caught and detained while hiding in the attic.



Complaining about Jumalyev, Yusuf E. said, “I saw Jumalyev and went to him and said, ‘What are you doing here, who are you?’ I asked. Jumalyev ‘Do you have a charger?’ When I asked, I took it out of the house. After a while, when I went upstairs, I saw Jumalyev’s belongings and ours in the inactive room. I left the house and immediately warned my neighbors and called the police,” he said.


In his statement, Jumalyev explained that he lived on the street and said, “When I entered, there was no one at home. I didn’t take anything from home. I just had no place to stay. That’s why I went home. The books I allegedly stole were also upstairs. “I didn’t bring them, I just read them,” he said. Jumamyrat Jumalyev, who was released with a judicial control decision, was sent to the Provincial Immigration Administration, but was released from there. The next day, he returned to the street of the house in Mecidiyeköy. When the residents of the apartment noticed Jumalyev, they called the police. house Jumamyrat Jumalyev, who said he came back to thank his owner, disappeared before the police arrived.


Tatsuko Horikawa, 57, living in Japan, sneaked into the home of a woman living alone in 2009. The landlord installed a hidden camera system after the food disappeared from the refrigerator. According to the records, Tatsuko Horikawa was sneaking around the house and consuming food when the host left. The incident came to light when the police searched after the landlord’s complaint. It turns out that Tatsuko Horikawa settled in a closet and lived there for a year.



The events similar to Yusuf E. and his sister’s experience were also the subject of movies. In the 2005 movie ‘Empty House’, a person named Tae-suk jumped on his motorcycle and stayed in the empty houses he came across. He followed the homeowners who left the house for different reasons, such as vacation, and stayed in empty houses, and in return, he repaired the broken appliances in the house. Korean-made Oscar winner Interference In the movie named, a family and other people who settled in other people’s houses were the subject.


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