They took the gold and disappeared! 100 million TL fraud claim in Kuyumcukent

Creation Date: September 20, 2022 15:25

9 jewelers in Istanbul Kuyumcukent claimed that they were defrauded of 100 million TL by the company to which they gave gold. He filed a criminal complaint against the officials of the jewelry company, who disappeared with the gold.


KuyumcukentThe jewelry company, which has been operating in Turkey for 3 years, is allegedly worth approximately 100 million liras. gold gathered and disappeared. 9 victims came together and filed a criminal complaint, stating that they had been defrauded. The victims who came together in Kuyumcukent expressed their reactions by making a press statement.


Ecem Oklu, the lawyer of the victims, said, “The suspects defrauded our clients by damaging their reputation and using their reputation. They also advanced a process by deceiving them into saying that the gold was stolen, kidnapped, we will give them away with lies. We have 9 victims. After we carried out the foreclosure process, many victims reached us. They said that they were also defrauded.One of the suspects is wanted from FETO and is abroad. GermanyOr they transfer money. They send both gold and gold products. Suspects are 9 persons. They run it as families and organized. There is an amount of 100 million liras in the middle,” he said.



A man named Mesut Olik jewelerStating that they had met the people they accused for 8 years, he said, “We were constantly giving finished products and getting paid. After the New Year, troubles began to arise among the partners among themselves. These troubles started to reflect on the market. They began to melt the product inside. They melted what came from you and gave it to me, and gave it to someone else. “The process was carried out in a similar way. I gave about 5 kilos of gold. With the gold they gave, we reduced it to 1 kilo and 100 grams,” he said.

They took the gold and disappeared. 100 million TL fraud claim in Kuyumcukent


Cihan Yalçın, on the other hand, said, “They bought products and paid them gradually. Last time they had debts of close to 10 million TL, we cannot afford them now. They said that they melted these goods. They melted the products we made with our efforts. We had 10 kilos of gold. There is a victimization of 80-100 kilos in the total market. ” said. Ziya Yılmaz also said, “We have been taking it regularly for 9 months. he said.


They took the gold and disappeared. 100 million TL fraud claim in Kuyumcukent

The majority of the victims were relatives and the owners of the jewelry company, Enes Ş., Sefa Ş., Talha Ş., Bekir Ş., Tuba Ş., Enes H., Muhammed A., who disappeared after melting the gold, filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office.


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