The world is shaken by the news of ‘betrayal’… Putin was officially stabbed in the back!

Created Date: January 19, 2023 13:48

The eyes and ears of the world have been on the news from Ukraine for months. While the war, which started with the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, continued at full speed, the German press wrote about Putin’s betrayal. Here is the news that fell like a bomb on the world’s agenda…

The war that started in February of 2022, which we left behind, continues in 2023 without slowing down.

With the fall of the key Soledar, the Russian army gained an advantage in the region, while the news of the German WELT newspaper fell like a bomb on the world’s agenda.

The newspaper carried the betrayal of Putin to its pages.

Last spring, the Ukrainian army was desperately running low on fuel and Soviet-caliber ammunition to fight the Russians.

Salvation came from an unexpected place. According to the news in question, the former government of Bulgaria secretly offered to help Kiev in the early stages of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Despite being a member of the EU and NATO, this move of Bulgaria, which has historically close relations with Russia, was of vital importance for Ukraine.

Because in this period, 40 percent of the fuel needed by Kiev was met by Bulgaria.

“We estimate that about a third of the ammunition needed by the Ukrainian army in the initial phase of the war comes from Bulgaria,” former prime minister Kiril Petkov said.

The claim was confirmed by Kyiv. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba said this move shows Petkov’s honesty.


Newsweek described this development as ‘Putin He was betrayed by his close ally’ and announced to his readers.

Politico on the other hand, ‘How did he secretly save Ukraine, the poorest country in the EU?’ preferred the title.

The British Guardian newspaper gave the following statements in its news titled ‘Bulgaria secretly supplied fuel and ammunition to Ukraine in the first months of the war’;

‘Former Prime Minister, political class Russia He told about the very important operation that was started covertly because of pro-sympathy.’