The world has changed, we must be prepared for new realities

It has been 180 days since the start of the Russo-Ukrainian War, and the struggle of the two armies seems to be locked in Donetsk and the southern region of Ukraine.

Shown as one of the most senior officers in the British army, Paul Carney noted that British soldiers should be ready for a possible war with Russia in an article he wrote for one of the country’s most important military magazines, ‘Soldier’.

Second Lieutenant Paul Carney said the UK military is now shaping itself to meet the threat from Russia and is ready to counter any aggression.

Calling the British soldiers to “prepare your loved ones for this war,” Carney said, “The world has changed and we must be prepared for new realities.”

Ensign Carney continued: I want us all to check that we are all physically fit for operations. It is also important that we prepare our loved ones and families, who often have the most difficult role in our absence.

On the other hand, evaluating Carney’s words, former General Sir Richard Dannatt, who served in the British army, said, “This is the prudent advice of the highest ranking soldier in the army. This does not mean that the army is about to be deployed in Ukraine, but preparing for war in all areas of life in peacetime means any “However, when it comes to a war in Europe, an aggressive Russia, and worried countries on Russia’s borders, it makes sense for British soldiers to be realistic about what might happen.” said.

The British Royal Marines are stationed at the embassy in Kiev, while thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are receiving military training on British soil.

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