The Turk that Germany speaks: Saved the life of the German driver who fainted in the vehicle in motion


Germanyof Cologne Mustafa Aytaş, who picked up his daughter from school with his car on 16 August in the town of Eil in the city of Eil, realized that there was something wrong with the vehicle in front of him.

Aytaş, who approached the car to intervene, saw that the driver of the vehicle on the way lost consciousness.

Aytaş, who passed in front of the car with the unconscious driver, managed to stop the vehicle by braking slowly.

The Turk that Germany speaks: Saved the life of the German driver who fainted in the car while driving

Explaining those moments, Aytaş said, “The vehicle went to the right and hit the barriers. The vehicle that passed on the left side of the road later had the danger of colliding with a large jeep coming from the opposite side. The other vehicle saved itself by entering the bike path. At that moment, I said to my daughter, ‘There is a problem, hold tight’. I overtook the vehicle and the vehicle that was going left and right. At that moment I saw that there is an unconscious woman in the vehicle. I got in front of the car and stopped it by slowly making it hit my vehicle. My car was damaged but there is nothing to do, it’s dear. There were pedestrians and bikers on the street. The vehicle “Those who drive it know that 80 km/h is not a short speed. According to the police statement, the vehicle hit my car 3 times. The airbag did not explode because I didn’t hit it fast. Otherwise, it would have done more harm to the woman,” he said.



Saying that he gave his first aid to the unconscious driver at the scene, Aytaş said, “I immediately ran to the car. White foams were coming out of her mouth. I unbuckled the belt and took it outside. I laid him on the floor and began CPR. I noticed that your pulse was not beating. I continued the CPR until the doctors and helicopter arrived.

Complaining about the insensitivity of the people passing the scene, Aytaş said, “Many people were not very interested in the incident, this made me feel bad. A person dies there, but they pass by with their vehicles on the side. People are important to me. Every person needs each other. She could be anyone’s mother. After the incident, some people came to me and said, ‘Mustafa, you are a hero’. But I never thought of that. The police came to me and said that I stopped the car very well. At that moment, I never even thought about my own life. If I didn’t stop this car and the car crushed a family, my conscience wouldn’t be able to accept it. I did my best,” he said.


The Turk that Germany speaks: Saved the life of the German driver who fainted in the car while driving


Learning that the woman he saved died 4 days later, Aytaş said, “Unfortunately, there was news yesterday. The woman’s son came to our house and left us a letter because we were not at home. In the letter, he wrote that his mother passed away. Not because of this accident, his mother also had other illnesses. Moreover Covid-19He’s caught in. We did our best,” he said.

Aytaş, who wants everyone to be sensitive to the events around him, said, “Such events can happen to anyone, let’s not close our eyes”.


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