The shocking beating scene in the Cranberry Sherbet series! The reaction from the audience grew “at least not the finale”

Cranberry Sherbet, which is among the hit series of the new season, brought it to the top with its new episode. The countdown has begun for the series, which is on the screen on Fridays. The beating scene, which was reflected on the screens in the new episode trailer of Cranberry Sherbet, stunned the audience. Here is the new episode trailer of Cranberry Sherbet…

Cranberry Sherbet, which has had a large audience since the first day of its publication, brought the excitement to the top with the new episode trailer. The series, which is broadcast on Show TV screens, is on the screens every Friday. Starring names such as Sıla Türkoğlu and Doğukan Güngör, the series will be on the screen with its 11th episode. The series, which is on the agenda with headscarf discussions, also touches on many different issues. The series, which has been criticized by many, has a large fan base. While the events between Kıvılcım and Ömer are on the agenda in the last episode published, it is curiously anticipated what awaits Ömer and Kıvılcım, who left the house without being caught by anyone. Here is the new episode trailer of Cranberry Sherbet…


While the events between Doğa and Fatih are endless, in the 11th episode, the couple will learn that they will have twin babies. While the intimacy between Abdullah and Alev is increasing day by day, the relationship between Umut and Nursema turns into love.

The events of Cranberry Sherbet, which will come to the screen with the 11th episode, are getting more and more complicated. While Nursema’s mother was faced with an anger that she never expected, the slap scene seen in the trailer left everyone’s mouth open. While the frames reflected in the trailer surprise the viewers, the fact that Ömer’s wife, whom he cannot divorce, comes to the door, turns all the events upside down.

In the 11-episode trailer, there are moments when Kıvılcım and Ömer ate alone among the frames reflected in Ekrem Bana. The slap of Ömer’s ex-wife to Kıvılcım seems to be engraved in the memories. Cranberry Sherbet will be broadcast on Show TV on Friday, January 7th with its new episode.



Kıvılcım, who wants to help a woman who is a victim of violence, is attacked by the wife of the woman. The name that saves Kıvılcım from the attack is Ömer. The fight between Fatih and Doğa reveals different events. Doga, who follows Fatih, who left the house during the fight, sees him entering a woman’s house.

Having made his final decision, the dua returns home and collects all his belongings. With Pembe and Abdullah’s involvement in the event, all the facts about the matter are revealed. Realizing that Fatih went to his friend’s house, not to a woman, Doğa gives up on leaving the house.


The fact that Nursema will go to the exhibition will make Pembe extremely uncomfortable. These movements of Nursema, who started to act on her own, will explode on her badly. While the subject of marriage has never been talked about until now, after these actions of Nursema, Pembe often brings up the subject of marriage.

What happened between Alev and Abdullah, who happened to meet in a cafe by chance, does not go unnoticed. Alev, who is affected by Abdullah’s charisma, completely accepts this situation. Everyone gathered at Kıvılcım’s house gathers at the same table. However, the differences between the two families are still evident.

Fatih, who does a joint business with Doğan’s father, performs the opening of the hotel. Although this partnership does not please anyone, everyone accepts the situation for Fatih’s sake. With the opening of the hotel, a new page will be opened for Kıvılcım and Ömer.