The remarkable detail of Zelenskiy’s visit: The first in 81 years!

While Russia’s attacks on Ukraine on February 24 continued, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on December 21 USAmade a surprise visit to He met with US President Joe Biden in Washington, addressed the US Congress.

In the international press, this visit to Washington 81 years later was described as a “Churchill moment”. Zelensky’s first overseas visit since the beginning of the Russian invasion reminded me of the moments 81 years ago when British Prime Minister Winston Churchill went to Washington after the Pearl Harbor attacks. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said: “Another historic leader is addressing Congress in time of war. Democracy is in danger.” He reminded me of Churchill’s visit with his expressions.

In December 1941, Churchill delivered a historic 30-minute speech to the US Congress. Churchill’s speech has been engraved in memory as one of the most important visits of a foreign leader to Washington.


Churchill was known for his fight against Nazi Germany in the Second World War. By the time he arrived in Washington, the conflict was on the doorstep of the United States.

By the time he arrived in Washington in December 1941, conflict was on America’s doorstep. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and US President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on the country and underlined that the USA entered World War II late.

Churchill’s presence in Washington caused a wave of excitement. The Washington Post reported, “Americans found one of Winston Churchill’s most important qualities; his ability to excite a crowd.” used his statements.

Churchill’s most important event was his speech to Congress on December 26, 1941. The U.S. Senate is overflowing with lawmakers, cabinet officials, and senior officials. Nancy Pelosi’s father, who is now Speaker of the House of Representatives, was also serving in Congress at the time.


According to the news in the BBC, Zelenskiy’s surprise visit to Washington 81 years later created a similar expectation and excitement. In repercussions of Mr. Churchill’s own itinerary, he first met with President Joe Biden before traveling from town to the US Capitol.

Like Churchill, Zelensky was hailed as a hero for his actions for his people since the beginning of the war. Zelenskiy brought many officials to tears in a video conference call to Congress in the first days of the offensive by the Russian forces.

While he shares common ground with Churchill and Zelenskiy, Zelenskiy faces a more divided Congress than Churchill.

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