The real ‘Squid Game’ has begun: Three injured

Netflix denied the allegations that the contestants were in danger of frostbite and were seriously injured in the game, in which the Squid Game series was adapted to real life, and said that only three people were slightly injured.

Photo: Netflix

of Netflix, Describe how 456 people in debt and despair are tempted by a bloody survival contest in the hope that if they win six games in a row, they can take away the $39 million prize.moment made in south korea ‘Squid Game’ game show inspired by the series ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ started.

Filmed at Cardington Studios, a former RAF base in Bedfordshire, Britain, 456 people compete for the £3.7m grand prize.

The British newspaper Sun, the first play ‘Red Light, Green Light’He spoke to an unnamed competitor who claimed that more than one person needed medical attention due to the cold weather in the studio while competing in the studio.

The environment was like a battlefield

During the game, which includes running fast at the green light and remaining completely still and silent at the red ‘danger of freezing‘ what they went through and the environment ‘battlefield’ Said it was like.

Stating that there are players who have hypothermia from the cold, the contestant said:

“Someone doctor You could hear him shouting and the team was running ahead. People were being taken away by paramedics, but we couldn’t say anything. If you talk, you will be out of business… There were those who came thinking they would become millionaires, but they left in tears.”

Netflix denied the allegations

BBCSpeaking to Netflix, a spokesperson said, ‘Allegations of serious injury are not true’ three people during filming. ‘light’ He said he was injured.

The spokesperson said that the paramedics are always on the set. ‘against the cold’ He said he was prepared.