The number of views of Erdogan drew attention

Academician Erdem Aksakal, data on Twitter views as of December 15 compiled. Aksakal said, “The biggest finding I’ve come to is: By all measures, the actual percentage of views of Erdogan’s tweets is far less than any other account with a few million followers.” made its assessment.

Aksakal’s Twitter account, “When I started to see the number of views on the tweet, the question came to my mind, what are the tweet viewing rates of politicians. I examined the tweets of Erdoğan-Kılıçdaroğlu-Akşener-Bahçeli-Demirtaş and İmamoğlu after December 15, when the number of views were transparent. During this time, Erdoğan 37 İmamoğlu 28, Demirtaş 23, Akşener 19, Kılıçdaroğlu 15, Bahçeli 10 He tweeted. I ignored tweets from others that were RTed by leaders. Among them, only Demirtaş flooded. It may be necessary to make one more click to see the intermediate tweets, except for the first and last tweets of the 7-flood. That’s why I took it into account even though the view count of the tweets in the flood was significantly lower.” he shared.

Aksakal said:

“The follower numbers are as follows:

Erdogan 19.5 M, Kılıçdaroğlu 8.8 M, İmamoğlu 7.6 M, Akşener 5.5 M, Bahçeli 5.5 M, Demirtaş 2.1M It is also a meaningful and pleasant detail that Akşener and Bahçeli have equal followers. .

Then I looked at the average number of views. I bought them all in the last 45 minutes, so there have been minor changes. Here are the average views of their tweets:

Imamoglu: 2,053,339

Kilicdaroglu: 1,603,267

Erdogan: 1.147.792

Garden: 1.120.110

Akşener: 1,033,258

Demirtas: 707,957

Comparing the number of views with the number of followers, the following results were obtained:

Demirtas: 33.71%

Imamoglu: 27.02%

Garden: 20.37%

Akşener: 18.79%

Kılıçdaroğlu: 18.22%

Erdogan: 5.89%

On average, 1 out of 20 followers saw Erdogan’s tweets.

I also took out one of the most viewed tweets, which we can call outlier or “OMG a hit tweet”, which can affect the percentages too much. Demirtaş 29.40% İmamoğlu 21.49% Akşener 14.27% Kılıçdaroğlu 14.24% Bahçeli 14.14% Erdoğan 4.64%

It was important to make this measurement today, because social media agencies, bots and troll armies, which were only uploaded to RT and FAV until yesterday, will now rely on views. The authenticity of the view counts will quickly deteriorate.

The biggest finding I’ve come across was this:

By all metrics, the actual percentage of views of Erdogan’s tweets is far less than any other account with several million followers.

It’s up to you how you deduce from here.”