‘The number of investors has reached 2 million 138 thousand’

Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati shared the latest figures about the currency protected deposit application on his Twitter account.

Minister Nabati, “The Currency Protected Deposit application has exceeded the volume of 1.3 trillion liras today” said.

Nabati’s post is as follows:

“The wheels of the economy turn with Turkish Lira instruments. The Currency Protected Deposit application, which we launched about 9 months ago to protect the savings of our citizens, has exceeded the volume of 1.3 trillion liras today.

The increase in assets in Turkish Lira and the extension of the maturities of savings are of great importance in terms of both investments and loans within the financial system.

Thus, our banking system can see the way ahead while the savings earn, and our investors can easily meet their liquidity needs in this way.

We prefer the Turkish Lira as the basis of our selective loan policies that will ensure that loans are directed to investment, exports and employment to meet productive companies and areas, that will break the inertia in inflation and reduce dollarization.

We opted for a reformist understanding that prioritized the Turkish Lira. The wheels of the system are fed with Turkish Lira. It’s our money, our savings, and our investment.

At the point reached today, the number of real and legal investors in Currency Protected Deposit and Participation Accounts has reached 2 million 138 thousand 489 in total. As long as we trust our Turkish lira, we will be able to protect our country from all kinds of shocks, tensions and crises.”


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