The move to prevent opportunism ‘at home’ – Current News

Growing housing prices common problem of millions of citizens. When opportunists were added to this, it became even more difficult to own a house. While it was aimed to facilitate access to housing through public campaigns, some people or companies that saw the demand increased their advertisement prices overnight. So much so that there was a price increase of 1 million TL in one day. While the public followed these opportunists, an important move came from the private sector. Real Estate Investors Association (GYODER) has announced that it will establish a new advertisement platform that will provide reliable trading opportunities. Speaking at the meeting where the details of GYODER’s 2023 vision and projects were shared, GYODER Chairman of the Board Mehmet Kalyoncu gave the following information about the project: “We will start with a new house. It will be an advertisement site, so it will be possible to buy and rent from here. Not only will GYODER members have projects, they will also be launched into the market in time. First of all, we will put our projects there with all our members. Advertisements will be shared in a completely regulated and completely transparent manner.”


Explaining that they will establish a website where the accuracy of the information will be checked and there will be a guarantee that there is only one advertisement regarding a real estate, Kalyoncu said, “There will be information such as how much that real estate was sold in the past, how much it was rented. This will prevent any abuse anyway. If the price of a house doubles or triples due to opportunism, you will be able to see its past and be aware of it.” Explaining that they will also establish a control mechanism, Kalyoncu said, “Those who place advertisements will also be able to complain about each other. We are working on the name of the portal, we plan to open it in September,” he said.


GYODER Vice President Neşecan Çekici stated that the annual housing trade in Turkey has reached 2.3 trillion liras, and the average housing price is 1 million 797 thousand liras. Drawing attention to the fact that there is no secure platform for zero houses in the sector, Çekici said, “We want to provide reliable trading opportunities with the advertisement portal we have prepared as GYODER, and to expand the zero housing trade market with an annual value of 724 billion TL.”

Tuğra Gönden, Ayla Heyfegil, Mehmet Kalyoncu, Neşecan Çekici, Sertac Karaağaoğlu (from left to right) announced GYODER’s new term projects and targets.


There is also a new model on the agenda of the association that will reduce housing prices and rents. Stating that they proposed to produce houses on public lands with the cooperation of the public-private sector, Kalyoncu said, “Today, the cost of land has reached 50 percent of the cost of housing. Producing housing on treasury lands means that the cost is halved. If the private sector produces in these areas with the build-rent model instead of build-sell, the rent problem can be solved. Discussions with the relevant ministries are ongoing for this model to be implemented under the control and supervision of the public. Besides leasing, this model can be applied for sale as well.” Stating that one of the biggest obstacles to urban transformation is rental prices, Kalyoncu said, “There is a need for affordable rental houses for people whose houses will be demolished. While producing hundreds of thousands of houses with the build-rent model, we can also pave the way for transformation.”


GYODER’s vision for 2023, which has the principles of ‘Technology, Design, Nature and Society’ that make up 4T, was briefly explained as follows: “We aim to strengthen the horizontal architecture-oriented urban strategy while increasing the domestic material as much as possible by reducing the use of imported materials. We know that the housing-shopping mall and office trio will not carry us to the future alone, we strengthen this trio with ‘logistics-industry and data center’. As GYODER, we started the project work in order to contribute to the carbon economy. Instead of urban transformation, we make urban development inclusive.”


To the ‘My New Home’ campaign prepared for middle-income GYODERMehmet Kalyoncu stated that 39 member companies participated in the . Kalyoncu said the following about the fact that some contractors use less loans to pay lower taxes: “This program has been mostly benefited by small and medium-sized housing developers. Such troubles are likely to be out there, and we hear about it. Such a thing does not happen in corporate companies.”