The endless Mark Eliyahu live performance lynching… The Israeli flag debate at AKM… The AKP’s president was additionally focused… The Pink Crescent supervisor initiated it.

Israeli artist Mark Eliyahu took the stage on the Beyoğlu Tradition Street Competition, organized as a part of the Turkish Tradition Street Festivals.

Those that attended the live performance mentioned, “Good night, I’m very comfortable to be right here.” The artist, who saluted him, stayed on the stage for about 2 hours.

On the finish of the live performance, a feminine viewers needed to unfurl the Israeli flag.

An individual who was realized to be Egyptian who attended the live performance reacted to the viewers.

The Egyptian particular person was taken out by the safety guards.

Pink Crescent supervisor Nisa Nur Çavuşoğlu acknowledged that the girl who needed to boost the Israeli flag on the live performance needed to impress it.

The response towards Nisa Nur Çavuşoğlu got here from a citizen named Serhat Körük.

Nisa Nur Çavuşoğlu shared her publish, “As we speak, at Mark Eliyahu’s live performance at AKM, a girl tried to behave as a provocation by unfurling the Israeli flag, which she had put inside regardless of X-ray gear. Though it was completed, nearly half of the corridor confirmed help for the Egyptian youth who reacted and there was a flood of applause. Additionally, whereas the Egyptian youth was taken out with 3 safety guards, the opposite two provocateurs disappeared. At AKM, in case your job is to make sure the protection of individuals first, then that x-ray Their gadgets mustn’t work in useless. Though it seems to be small within the visuals, they have been capable of simply put the massive flag roll inside. Don’t permit an open floor for all types of provocations.” used the phrases.

Person Serhat Körük, alternatively, mentioned, “Properly, the artist he got here to hearken to is from Israel. The artist’s flag is raised at each live performance. Additionally, the girl didn’t provoke or chant a single slogan. she replied.


With the group of the AKP’s Üsküdar Municipality, Israeli musician Mark Eliyahu gave a live performance in Harem Sq..

President Hilmi Turkmen didn’t take a step again after the criticism.

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Üsküdar Mayor, AKP’s Hilmi Türkmen, to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu for the infrastructure facility that was accomplished in Üsküdar.
he had thanked.

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