Teoman: EYT hit me too

WALL – Singer Teoman chatted with journalists at the premiere of the movie “Sevda Mecburi Istikamet” written and directed by Çağan Irmak. Teoman, who composed the music for the project, said, “Çağan is my friend. I love him very much… He asked me to music for this movie. Actually, we did it with the team, I didn’t do it alone.”

According to the news of Volkan Özdemir from Habertürk, Teoman laughingly responded to the journalists who said that he does not talk to the tabloid press very often, “On the contrary, I think we meet and talk a lot, but I do not go out as intensely as before. It was the time I slept,” he said.


In the past weeks, the singer said, “I am semi-retired”, saying that he is living a retired life and said, “I try not to disrupt my daily life too much. I love sitting idle, meeting with my friends and doing sports. Serdar Ortaç and I started to say almost the same things. These are the things that come with it. Retirement is probably bad too, but EYT (People Who Have Been Retired) hit me too,” he said.

Last week, Teoman said, “I am living a retirement life. I am semi-retired, I just divided the concerts I will give into two. I have not renounced anything in my life. I wander around like that, I watch less movies and read more books. Now I planned to make a ‘career of sloth’ for myself. “I don’t want to work too much,” he said.