Tax inspectors demand improvement in personal rights


In the last 5 years, 230 thousand 983 taxpayers examined by tax inspectors, 310 billion lira base difference was determined. While a tax assessment of 74.1 billion liras was requested in the examinations, a tax penalty of 148.9 billion liras was proposed.

Tax inspectors, who have signed such a large volume of transactions, complain that their personal rights are far below those of the Court of Accounts and Justice Inspectors. The tax inspectors stated that the auditors of the Court of Accounts were paid 35 thousand liras and the Justice inspectors 42 thousand liras.

Ahmet Halis Başli, President of the Tax Inspectors Association, held a press conference with the members of the board of directors and gave information about tax audits and the personal rights of inspectors.

Reminding that the tax inspection units were united under the roof of the Tax Inspection Board with the reform made in 2011, Başli stated that the multi-headedness in the inspection was thus eliminated. Referring to the results of the recent inspections by tax inspectors, President Başli said that in 2021, 54 thousand 65 taxpayers were examined, there was a difference in tax base of 66.2 billion liras, and in this context, a tax assessment of 24.2 billion liras and a tax penalty of 50.8 billion liras were proposed.

In the last 5 years, 310 billion lira base difference was found in 230 thousand 983 taxpayers examined. While a tax assessment of 74.1 billion liras was requested for these, a tax penalty of 148.9 billion liras was proposed. Başli stated that inspectors have important duties such as preventing the financing of terrorism, especially FETO, and recording the assets of the nation, as well as tax inspections, audits and investigations. Giving an example of the Iron Fist Operation, which was carried out recently, Başli stated that stock and inventory inspections were also carried out by the anti-inflation teams.

“Inspectors are moving away from the public”

Underlining that the inspectors also take part in teams established for new sectors such as crypto money, digital publishing and social media that emerged with the digital transformation, Ahmet Halis Başli said that inspectors and other tax inspection units, who have done such important work, in many personal rights areas, including salary. He said he was back.

Stating that the wages of tax inspectors are far below the wages of officials in other institutions doing similar work, Başli said, “1. While the class tax inspector receives 21 thousand liras, the Court of Accounts receives 35 thousand liras, and Justice inspectors receive 42 thousand liras. Pointing out that this inequality caused tax inspectors to move away from the public sector, Başli stated that many inspectors moved to the private sector with 3 times the wage.

Pointing out that the number of inspectors in the group, which they started with 2 thousand people during the period he was an inspector, decreased to 900, Ahmet Halis Başli said that they expect support from the relevant people, especially President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in improving the personnel rights of the inspection units working under difficult conditions throughout the country.

Tolu: Personal rights should be at least equal to control groups

Evaluating the issue, DÜNYA Newspaper writer former Tax Inspector YMM Abdullah Tolu said, “When Tax Inspectors are mentioned, only tax examinations come to mind. However, the situation is very different from this, they work in every job and field that the state needs, apart from tax inspections, they take part in many fields such as investigations, operations (wiper, iron fist), commissions, etc. They have accomplished very successful works, especially in the last period, and they will continue to do so. Tax inspectors also started to take senior positions not only in finance but also in all public institutions and organizations. In other words, it is a kind of school that trains high-level bureaucrats for the public. Considering the work they do and the duties they undertake, it is seen that their salary and personal rights are far behind compared to peer audit groups (Auditors of the Court of Accounts, Inspectors of the Ministry of Justice). This situation should be corrected as soon as possible and the salary and personal rights of tax inspectors should be equalized to these audit groups at least.”