Sunflower Oil Sale Continues! Migros Sunflower Oil Discounted Price Announced

Migros continues to bring many products in different categories to customers in chain markets across the country. In this context, while the details of Migros’ current discounts are being searched by many people, the prices of discounted sunflower oils have been announced on the official website of Migros.

Migros Sunflower Oil Discount

According to the price information on Migros’ website, 1, 2, 3, and 4 liters of sunflower oil will be on the shelves at a discount. With the said discount, the prices of sunflower oils were also announced. According to the information on Migros’ website, the price list is as follows:

Komili sunflower oil 1 liter: 42.25 TL
Komili sunflower oil 2 liters: 73.90 TL
Orchid sunflower oil pet 3 liters: 109.90 TL
Turna sunflower oil pet 4 liters: 119.90 TL

The current price list and details of sunflower oil and other products can be found on the Migros website. There is no information on how long the sunflower oil discounts will continue.

Migros Cheese Sale Continues

In addition to the sunflower oil discount, it was announced in the social media account of Migros that İçim white cheese 500 grams will be offered for sale with a price tag of 44.90 TL for purchases made with Money Card or Money Bonus. The discount will be valid from 16-22 December. Social media sharing about the discount campaign ”İçim Feta Cheese (500 gr) until 22 December for 44.90 TL at Migros stores and on Migros application!” statements were included.

Migros cheese sale december 2022