Sezer Inanoglu sentenced to prison

WALL- Known for his Sezercik character in Yeşilçam films such as “Mothers Do Not Die”, “Little House”, “Orphans”, “Graduation Class”, “Sezercik My Baby”, “Sezercik Lion Piece” and “Sezercik Küçük Mücahit”, Sezer Inanoglu has been charged with fraud for 5 years and 9 years. was sentenced to a month’s imprisonment. Inanoglu, who has the right to apply to the Court of Appeal, will go to prison if his request is not accepted.

morning’s to the news byInanoğlu, who came before the judge for drug and weapons smuggling in 2007 and for threatening his wife Mehtap Meray Kaykasoğlu with death in 2018, was tried for fraud.

Allegedly, Inanoglu and his mother, R.C. Agreed to sell a house. R.Ç. who made all the payment in the deed. When he learned that there was another 20 thousand lira deed sent to him, he filed a complaint.

In the examination, it was revealed that the signature on the deed did not belong to R.Ç. Thereupon, a lawsuit was filed against Sezer Inanoglu and her mother on charges of fraudulent fraud and forgery of official documents, demanding a prison sentence of 5 years and 9 months.

While the mother Inanoglu, who was found not to have been involved in the crime before, was released, her son Sezer Inanoglu, who has many criminal records, was sentenced to prison.

Inanoğlu, who played in Yeşilçam films under the name Sezercik as a child, left the cinema in the following years and became the head of the film company inherited from his father, Berker İnanoğlu.

Inanoglu was caught by the gendarmerie teams conducting routine traffic control in Şile, shortly after he had an armed conflict with the police following him in Yedikule on January 24, 2007.