Samsung’s new phone will have night vision feature!

Smartphones compete with their cameras as well as their processors, performance and screen quality. In this context, Samsung’s new flagship phone series, the Galaxy S23 Ultra from the Galaxy S23 family, also comes with a brand new feature in terms of photography capabilities and comes with a night vision camera. So what does the new flagship camera offer us with its features?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with night vision camera!

Galaxy S23 Ultra, which will offer night vision feature to users, apparently aims not only to be one of the most performance phones with its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, but also to be the smartphone with the best camera on the market.

According to the whistleblower, known on Twitter as Universelce, the night camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra can really provide night vision. About the phone, which is expected to mark the year 2023 with its camera, the informant says exactly, “I have to emphasize that the night vision camera of the S23 Ultra is really night vision.”

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will come with unrivaled camera features

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will come with unrivaled camera features

According to senior analyst Ice Universe, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will come with an improved telephoto sensor! Here are the details…

Night photos have now become one of the most important criteria in today’s flagship phones. Although an image has not leaked as an example of the device’s night photos, the Galaxy S23 Ultra can stand out in this area with the visual processing capability of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and the rear camera system consisting of 108MP, 12MP, 12MP and 2MP setups. Again, as far as we know from previous leaks, the new Galaxy model is a capable phone not only in low-light photos, but also in daylight photos.

In the photos shared for daytime shots and in addition to its predecessor seen above, in comparison with the Pixel 7 Pro, the Galaxy S23 Ultra achieves more successful frames in terms of both saturation and sharpness. It is worth remembering that the Pixel 7 Pro is the second best camera phone in the world according to the DXoMark ranking with 147 points.

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