Samsung Galaxy S22 can’t compete with iPhone 14

According to the latest analysis Samsung‘Fame Galaxy S22 Sales may not meet the company’s expectations due to many factors. One reason for the sluggish sales of Samsung’s flagship model is the software controversy, while the rapid increase in sales of the low-end Galaxy A series may also be a factor. Moreover, apple‘of iPhone 14 The average selling price of the series between the two companies (ASP) was reported to have widened the difference.

According to market research firm Counterpoint Research, Samsung’s ASP for smartphones increased year-on-year in the third quarter of this year. only 2% while Apple’s ASP increased by 7%. This trend in the fourth quarter is expected to continue.

Another factor that can affect Samsung’s sales is the company’s brand positioning in the global market. Samsungis the top selling smartphone in terms of shipment numbers, but most of them are low-end models popular in certain regions such as Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America.

By contrast, Apple’s flagship models, including the iPhone 11 to 13, are the most shipped top 10 list of models in a dominant position. of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Like its foldable phones, it had limited impact outside of Korea and Europe. To address these issues, some analysts have suggested that Samsung should consider revising its brand positioning to better compete with Apple in the global market.

The company may also need to put more effort into promoting its products in overseas markets where the perception of the Galaxy brand may differ from that in Korea. Samsung earlier this year 5G launched the Galaxy S22, focusing on technology, but it is not yet clear whether this will be enough to boost sales and close the gap with Apple.

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