Russian Vice President Ushakov: Putin and Erdogan will discuss grain deal in Samarkand


Russian Vice President Yuriy Ushakov, Russian President Vladimir PutinAs part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit, Uzbekistan Samarkand He said he was going to the city. Turkey as part of Putin’s summit President Explaining that he will have a meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, Ushakov said, “The dialogue continues, including by phone. Many issues will be discussed in the meeting between Erdogan and Putin. There are many issues for negotiations at the moment, one of which is the positive that Turkey played in the signing of the grain agreement. role. At the meeting, the results of the agreements reached in Sochi on July 5 will also be discussed,” he said.

Stating that a summit will be held in Samarkand with the participation of the leaders of the three countries within the framework of the agreement reached in 2016 to create an economic corridor between Russia, China and Mongolia, Ushakov said, “This program will be discussed at the trilateral meeting to be held on September 15. China approaches the Ukraine crisis in a balanced way. and he openly declares that he understands the reasons that compelled Russia to launch a special military operation. Of course, this issue will be discussed at the upcoming summit. There will be a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi on international issues. Strategic stability, the situation in the Asia-Pacific region and of course UNInteraction issues in multifaceted formats such as the G20 and SCO will be discussed,” he said.


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