Reaction to the Golden Raspberry Awards: They apologized

The Golden Raspberry Awards, where the worst movies, directors and actors of the year were chosen in cinema, apologized after the reactions and named 12-year-old actor Ryan Kiera Armstrong. ‘Booby’ out of its candidates.

Ryan Kiera Armstrong

of the Academy Awards ‘ugly cousinThe ‘Golden Raspberry Awards’ (Razzie Awards) shown as ‘ and distributed the day before the Oscars, ‘Firestarter’ 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong for her performance in the movie ‘Worst Actress’ His nomination in the category drew criticism.

Many people think it’s okay for a young child to be nominated for this kind of show. ‘tyranny’ and ‘cruelty’ said that.

Actor Julian Hilliard shared on his Twitter account that Golden Raspberry’s nomination of a child is disgusting and wrong. stated: “Why put a child at risk of being bullied more or worse? be better”

John Wilson, co-founder of the Golden Raspberry Awards, said that the outraged response to Armstrong’s nomination. ‘exaggerated’ He said he believed he was. Wilson said they were aware that the candidacy could be interpreted as malicious, but that this was not their aim, their real intentions. ‘to be funny’ said that.

‘It looks like we took a very bad step’ Wilson acknowledged the criticism.

According to CNN’s report The awards committee apologized after the backlash and announced that they had removed Armstrong from the nomination vote:

“We want to say we’re sorry for any hurt Armstrong has suffered as a result of our choices.”

The committee also announced that any actor or filmmaker under the age of 18 will now be barred from being considered.

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