Putin defied: I am one hundred percent sure that he will be destroyed!

Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in the program of Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin and made special statements on the agenda. Using important expressions about the war with Ukraine, Putin argued that his regional rivals have plans on Russia with the “divide and rule” strategy.

Stressing that the West aims to divide Russia, Putin said, “They always try to do this. However, our aim is to unite the Russian people. I think we are moving in the right direction. We protect our national interests and the interests of our people. We have no choice but to do this.”


Stating that they are not the party that leaves the table in the negotiations with Ukraine, Putin said, “In this process, we are ready to negotiate with the parties on acceptable issues. We were not the ones who refused the negotiations. This is their job. But unfortunately the other side was in different fictions. They took harsh military actions. One way or another, we had to stand up. People in the Donbass region and in the Crimea “We had to defend their choices. It all started with that.” he said.


Stating that the Patriot air defense systems, which the USA has decided to send to Kiev, will be a legitimate target for them, Putin said, “We will hit 100 percent. Patriots are pretty old systems” He also argued that even the Russian S-300 air defense systems are better than the Patriots.


Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, evaluated the ‘negotiation’ statement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Rossiya 1 channel.

Podolyak said in a statement on his social media account, “PutinIt needs to come back to reality. First, Russia single-handedly attacked Ukraine and is killing our citizens. There are no other ‘countries, motifs, geopolitics’. Secondly, Russia does not want negotiation and is trying to avoid responsibility,” he said.

Putin defied: I am one hundred percent sure he will be destroyed


In a recent statement by the US Department of State, it was announced that $1.85 billion in military aid, including Patriot air defense systems, would be provided to Ukraine.

The US will send the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine for the first time.

In a statement by the US Department of State, RussiaIt was stated that Russia tried to wipe Ukraine off the map for 300 days and failed, and it was noted that Russia tried to use winter as a weapon. In the statement, it was stated that US President Joe Biden will announce $1.85 billion in military aid to Ukraine, including Patriot air defense systems.

As part of the aid package, Ukraine received from the US Department of Defense stocks. PATRIOT $1 billion in military equipment, including air defense systems, and $850 million in financing through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. The total US military aid to Ukraine will reach $21.9 billion with the latest aid package.