Production and import of single-use plastics banned in Canada

Banned the manufacture and import of single-use plastics in Canada, with the goal of achieving zero plastic waste by 2030 from today.

Canadahas restricted the use of plastic to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030.

Prohibited its production and import

Canada In the statement made by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, it was announced that as of today, the import of single-use plastics for the production and sale is prohibited.

According to the decision, companies will no longer be able to manufacture or sell plastic bags, forks, knives, stir sticks, straws and takeaway containers. CanadaThey will not be able to import.

CanadaThe ban, which was announced on 20 June in 2022, has officially entered into force.
CanadaThe sale of plastic products in question will be banned from December 2023, in order to provide enough time for businesses in Turkey to transition and deplete their existing stocks.

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“I think people will not use plastics such as cups, straws, grocery bags”

The production and import ban for some other single-use plastics, which are usually used for beverages, will come into effect in June 2023, but plastic garbage bags used to hold organic waste, garbage and recycled materials will not be banned under the new ban.

According to the news of UAV, CanadaJiaying Zhao, who conducts research in behavioral sustainability in “If businesses don’t provide single-use plastic, then I think people won’t use plastics like cups, straws, grocery bags,” he said. said.

CanadaPeople throw away at least 3 million tons of plastic waste every year, and only 9 percent of these wastes are recycled. Canada The government estimates that getting rid of single-use plastics would eliminate 1.3 million tonnes of hard-to-recycle plastic waste.

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