President of Azerbaijan Aliyev: Those who exploit our natural resources are guilty according to the norm of international law

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyevmet with a group of intellectuals from the West Azerbaijan Community, formed by Azerbaijanis exiled from Armenia during the Soviet period. Speaking at the meeting, Aliyev stated that the events on the Lachin road caused another hysteria against Azerbaijan and said, “Here, not only Armenia, but maybe more than them, their bosses abroad and the states standing behind them started a smear campaign against Azerbaijan. In the United Nations (UN) ) is preparing another provocation against us. Some countries have been determined with special enthusiasm to realize their next dirty plan against us for a few days. But still they have not received anything, they have been trying for a few days. They will do their best next week. The incident on the Lachin road is clear as day. This is our legitimate right. Our natural resources are being used and transported. Those who exploit our natural resources are criminals under any international legal norm. Because this is an internationally recognized region of ours. We have a justifiable demand for our representatives of the public and primarily representatives of state institutions to conduct audits. What should we work there? They need to see that work is being done and this illegal activity must be stopped. This is our rightful demand,” he said.


Lacin Aliyev also stated that the situation on the road was presented by changing, “Again lie, again slander. We all know who did these things. I repeat, the Armenian state is not in the first place here. However, this will not deter us from anything. We have already proven this many times. The Second Karabakh War and “The two years after the war showed this. Nobody can influence us. There may be calls, there may be some statements, we do not need to pay attention to them. We only answer these calls out of political courtesy. However, this will not change our position in the slightest,” he said.


Azerbaijan On 10 December, teams of Azerbaijani experts were sent to the region where the Armenian population lived and Russian forces were temporarily deployed, in order to investigate and control the illegal operation of the mines in its territory and as a result of the damage to the environment, but the entry of these teams to the region was blocked by the Armenians. The members of Azerbaijani environmental non-governmental organizations and activists, who were disturbed by the indifferent attitude of the Russian peacekeepers, started a protest in the Lachin Corridor on December 12, demanding the prevention of the illegal operation of the mines in Azerbaijan. Activists have been continuing their protests day and night for 12 days.