President Erdogan’s words became the agenda! Mountains of fear gripped Greece again

The newspaper, basing its news on Greek military sources, commented that “A part of the work done by Turkish jets in the Aegean in the past is now undertaken by UAVs”.

President Erdoğan said, “We are now with our UAVs, we are with our SİHAs, we are with our raiders, now we are with our Gökbeys, and with all these weapons, we are the fearful scourge of those who are hostile to us in the world.” The features of Bayraktar TB-2, Akıncı and Anka-S were introduced.

In the news, it is claimed that Greece is also designing projects for “precautionary” purposes against Turkish UAVs, and said, “The deployment of Israeli-made anti-UAV elements that produce parasites in UAVs to the Eastern Aegean islands is carried out with great secrecy. On the other hand, the MQ-9 type from the USA. It was decided to purchase UAVs. Domestic UAV projects are also on the agenda.” expressions were used.

In the news, which described Turkish UAVs as a “threat” for the country’s defense, “Greece does not have sufficient electronic warfare equipment. This is worrying in the event of a possible Turkish-Greek conflict in the Aegean.” statements were included.


Speaking at the National Defense University (MSU) Naval and Air War College Diploma Receiving and Starboard Handover Ceremony held at the Naval Academy Command the other day, President Erdoğan used the following statements:

“We see that there are people who are wandering around with similar enthusiasms in this period when our country is making the biggest democracy and development leap in its history and struggling to rank first in the world in all fields of politics, economy, military and technology. “If we won despite the fact that we won despite those with the same mentality, we will achieve Turkey’s goals today. We are no longer a country whose direction can be drawn with scenarios constructed on political and social fault lines. When we took office, our domestic armament was 20 percent. Now it is 80 percent, and now it is our weapons, our ammunition, all of our weapons.” We have come to do our own thing. Now we navigate our seas with our corvettes and frigates. These are our own products, but someone is still waiting for something from somewhere. We are now with our UAVs, we are with our SİHAs, we are with our Akıncıs, we are now with our Gökbeys and with all our weapons We are the scourge of those who are hostile to us in the world.”

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