Pele’s legacy made a mess! – Football News

Brazilian Pele, one of the greatest names in world football history, has died at the age of 82. The inheritance fight broke out before Pele’s funeral was held. It has been learned that the assets of the legendary football player and the sum of his money in the bank are approximately 100 million dollars.

The children of his three wives and the daughters he did not accept and their families clashed to get a share of Pele’s inheritance. Pele’s first wife was Rosemeri Cholbi, and they had three children, Kely, Edson, and Jennifer.

Assiria Seixas was his second wife. Pele’s twins, Joshua and Celeste, were born from this marriage. However, the couple broke up after 14 years. The Brazilian legend later married Marcia Aoki, who is 20 years younger than him. Pele also has children named Sandra Machado and Flavia Christina Kurtz from extramarital affairs. Machado, one of these illegitimate children, died of cancer at the age of 42, but his family claims the inheritance.


The Brazilian press announced that most of Pele’s inheritance will be divided between his 5 children from his first two marriages, Christina and Aoki, who married the deceased Machedo’s family for the third time, will receive a small share of the inheritance. It was also claimed that other names would apply to the court.