Only Erdogan can have a similar photo taken with the leaders of Western countries.

Hürriyet Editor-in-Chief Ahmed Khan, He commented on the photo where the leaders came together and chatted in Samarkand, where the Shanghai Summit was held.

Hakan; President Tayyip ErdoganPresident of Russia Vladimir PutinPresident of Azerbaijan Ilhami AliyevPresident of Tajikistan Imamali RahmanPresident of Iran Head of AbrahamPresident of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko’Regarding the photograph, he said:

“The factor that made the picture an event in Turkey is this: Erdogan is indisputably the most dominant leader in the environment. There is a kind of ‘Erdogan talking, other leaders listening’ situation.

The supporters of the government are boasting that they share this photo and say, ‘Here is the world leader’. On the other hand, supporters of the opposition… ‘All of these leaders are problematic in terms of democracy… What is there to brag about?’ they say.

However, there is one point that the opposition supporters missed: President Erdogan, the only one among the leaders in the photo, can have a similar photo taken with the leaders of Western countries. Neither Putin nor his Chief can do this… Only Erdogan can do it.

This is exactly why Turkey has increased its importance and value for both Biden and Putin.

If Turkey were to engage in just one of these blocks… it would have been deprived of this magnificent position.”

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